Kyle Dixon:

The buddhadharma never states that there is some 'thing' that transmigrates. All that is ever occurring are causes and conditions which proliferate ceaselessly.

"Therein, the aggregates are the aggregates of matter, sensation, ideation, formations and consciousness. Those, called ‘serially joined’, not having ceased, produce another produced from that cause; although not even the subtle atom of an existent has transmigrated from this world to the next."
-- Pratītyasamutpādakarikavhyakhyana


"Empty [insubstantial and essenceless] dharmas [phenomena] are entirely produced from dharmas strictly empty; dharmas without a self and [not] of a self. Words, butter lamps, mirrors, seals, fire crystals, seeds, sourness and echoes. Although the aggregates are serially connected, the wise are to comprehend nothing has transferred. Someone, having conceived of annihilation, even in extremely subtle existents, he is not wise, and will never see the meaning of ‘arisen from conditions’."
-- Pratītyadsamutpādakarika
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