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The Path of Anatta

Someone asked me to explain the paragraph, "...Lastly what that is ‘unborn, pristine and luminous’ cannot be “dependent and inseparable from the transient” appears sound only logically but not experientially. It will first seem illogical and unnatural to accept such an idea, but when the tendency to dualify and solidify experience subsides, then scenery, taste, scent, sound, breathe, the sensation of our feet touching the ground…all arising will help lighten this psychological pain. Therefore fearlessly, unreservedly and completely open to whatever arises."

I wrote:

There can be the false misconception that awareness is inherently existing and distinct from transient experience. This is dualistic and tends to solidify the subject/object structure, the sense that I am I and experience is apart from myself.
In sleep paralysis, for example, there can be a situation where there is deep fear due to the sense of an intruder or some fearful 'other'. But in my experience, if there is recognition of the nondual and empty nature of mind/experience, there is liberation in that very instant.
In my previous four times I had sleep paralysis (and I haven't had any recently), each time the structure of subject/object is dissolved in transparent bliss and boundless clarity. The sense of myself being here facing a fearful 'other' or intruder completely dissolves naturally into boundless bliss and presence even as it arises. I no longer get locked in that fearful situation.
There is complete fearless dissolving into whatever appears, seen, heard, smelled, etc. And you will love to dissolve, to die, in a sense, without resistance, without choosing to be in another situation. This very situation, condition, appearance, whatever it is, is your nature, empty-clarity.
And this is why in the "Tibetan Book of the Dead", there is an emphasis on the recognition of whatever deities - wrathful and peaceful, as simply a display of your own state, your own nature, essence and energy. They are not apart from yourself, so do not fear them, but recognise them as your very Presence.

Soh Wei Yu From the Tibetan Book of the Dead, translated with commentary by Francesca Fremantle and Chogyam Trungpa

O child, whatever you see, however terrifying it is, recognize it as your own projection; recognize it as the luminosity, the natural radiance of your own mind. If you recognize in this way, you will become a buddha at that very moment, there is no doubt. What is called perfect instantaneous enlightenment will arise on the spot. Remember!

...At that moment do not be afraid of the yellow light, luminous and clear, sharp and bright, but recognize it as wisdom. Let your mind rest in it, relaxed, in a state of nonaction, and be drawn to it with longing. If you recognize it as the natural radiance of your own mind, even though you do not feel devotion and do not say the inspiration-prayer, all the forms and lights and rays will merge inseparably with you, and you will attain enlightenment...
~ Padmasambhava"

"May the element of space not rise up as an
may I see the Realm of the blue buddha.
May the element of water not rise up as enemy,
may I see the realm of the white buddha.
May the element of earth not rise up as an
may I see the realm of the yellow buddha.
May the element of fire not rise up as an
may I see the realm of the red buddha.
May the element of air not rise up as an enemy.
may I see the realm of the green buddha.
May the rainbow of the elements not rise up as
may I see the realms of all the buddhas.
May the sounds, lights and rays not rise up as
may I see the infinite realms of the Peaceful
and Wrathful Ones.
May I know all the sounds as my own sound,
may I know all the lights as my own light,
may I know all the rays as my own ray.
May I spontaneously know the bardo as myself,
may I attain the realms of the three kāyas.

...When the journey of my life has reached its
and since no relatives go with me from this
I wander in the bardo state alone,
may the peaceful and wrathful buddhas send
out the power of their compassion
and clear away the dense darkness of
When parted from beloved friends, wandering
my own projections’ empty forms appear,
may the buddhas send out the power of their
so that the bardo’s terrors do not come
When the five luminous lights of wisdom shine,
fearlessly may I recognize myself;
when the forms of the peaceful and wrathful
ones appear,
fearless and confident may I recognize the
When I suffer through the power of evil karma,
may the peaceful and wrathful buddhas clear
away suffering;
when the sound of dharmatā roars like a
thousand thunders,
may it be transformed into the sound of
mahāyāna teaching
When I follow my karma, without a refuge,
may the peaceful and wrathful buddhas be my
when I suffer the karma of unconscious
may the samādhi of bliss and luminosity arise
. "

Homage to Padmasambhava 🙏

p.s. I am far from what is stated in the book, but I see the importance of this. Constant recognition in all states is considered perfect Buddhahood.

Soh Wei Yu Haven’t had the sleep paralysis intruder sort of experience for some time.

Well I just had it in sleep, was waking out of a lucid dream and then the sense of intruder came and a very loud scream was heard. Sounds like a nightmare. But throughout it I was fearlessly dissolving into the experience and sensation of it and the whole field of experience arises as clarity and bliss. No fear. Then I woke up.


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Soh Wei Yu

Soh Wei Yu A sense of compassion also arose then, “if that intruder presence is really a ghost or spirit (and not merely my projection), may it be free and liberated”


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Soh Wei Yu

Soh Wei Yu I should make a disclaimer that I am not fearless yet. If hugging saint Amma really did this knowingly and without hesitation, knowing she could contract leprosy from this act, then she is more fearless than me.


Thusness, 2007:

(5:29 PM) Thusness:    what are the 3 characteristics (of self-liberation)?
(5:29 PM) AEN:    impermanence, suffering, no self ?
(5:29 PM) Thusness:    nope
(5:29 PM) Thusness:    i just told u the other day
(5:30 PM) Thusness:    completely non-dual and transparent.
(5:30 PM) Thusness:    Completely fearless
(5:30 PM) Thusness:    completely non-attached
(5:30 PM) Thusness:    so if a person after the experience of no-self, and is able to attain this 3 characteristics
(5:31 PM) Thusness:    then his hui geng (wisdom root) is truly deep
(5:31 PM) Thusness:    da geng qi (superior capacity)
(5:32 PM) Thusness:    means the enlightenment of non-dual of our nature leads directly to self liberation
(5:32 PM) Thusness:    that is because the 'sense of self' is completely eliminated from 7th
(5:32 PM) Thusness:    and karmic propensities become self liberated 

Even after initial realization of anatta, we have to continue practicing and meditating until these three aspects are perfected.

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