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I shared MCTB with John Tan back in 2006. I was quite skeptical of his book due to his claims at that time (putting the title 'Arahat' on the front cover of his book!), given that Daniel is claiming quite a high attainment (and generally, there is a taboo to claiming any attainments in the first place). John read the contents and got back to me, and informed me that "his understanding is thorough.. should take this self-proclaimed arahat seriously. (he) got liao4 (substance)", "he is truly enlightened". And he also suggested in some way that, Daniel was the one with the most clear description of enlightenment he has seen (at that time). Afterwards I read the whole book and took it seriously. It is a very practical guide and full of great advises, although the path presented was not the exact path I took (I went into self-inquiry and awareness teachings first that led to Self-Realization, but the further insights into non-dual luminosity and anatta converge later at third and fourth path of MCTB).

(His proclamation of arahantship is a controversial topic I shall not get into. But I should add that it is not just him who claims arahantship, but his teacher from the Mahasi Sayadaw lineage who himself considers himself to be an arahant also confirmed Daniel's "arahantship" and asked him to teach. I shall not comment on how this lines up with traditional criterias, but just to present a bit of his story.)

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Revised 2nd Edition Mastering The Core Teachings Of The Buddha- the author Daniel Ingram has given free access to it.

The original edition back in 2008 served me too well as a game changer for permanent perceptual brain changes.

Regardless of any initial feelings his outright claims triggered in me, the information inside this book was pivotal in me ceasing to spin wheels in my previous practice to then fabricate a gapless practice that quickly led to the permanent and extremely positive brain changes that I’ve incessantly gone on about in this blog over the past 8 years. The book that gave birth to the Pragmatic Dharma Movement. Nuff said.

Highly recommended.

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