I recommend this monastery's retreats in Taipei (outskirts of Taipei in a forested area, close to the foot of Yangmingshan volcano) for those who can understand Chinese. I visited and attended in Taipei earlier this year. It's rare to have realized teachers able to guide you one on one (usually they have too many students and are very busy) and without needing to pay a huge sum of money.
You can check their schedule from their website: http://www.changrove.org/
Ven Guo Ru is one of Ch'an Master Sheng Yen's twelve successors.
[22/3/24, 9:20:04 AM] Soh Wei Yu: Btw he is the first among sheng yen list of 12 successors:
[21/3/24, 2:08:02 PM] Soh Wei Yu: https://youtu.be/f8y0QKXZGHs?si=o26rUnamdVvBwCgC
[21/3/24, 2:08:20 PM] Soh Wei Yu: First thirty minutes talk about anatta, emptiness, hinayana vs mahayana vs brahman
[22/3/24, 8:04:55 AM] John Tan: 👍
[22/3/24, 8:09:47 AM] John Tan: 👍
[22/3/24, 8:30:46 AM] John Tan: Yes quite good.
[24/3/24, 12:02:51 AM] Soh Wei Yu: Ven guo ru retreat quite good.. for him zen is revealing the marvellous true mind and practice with that in everyday life not just meditation. The teachings emphasize emptiness of all phenomena but also about revealing marvellous mind. The method is meditation is sort of methodless method of actualizing the true mind every moment but he says it’s important we do 早晚课 (like daily meditation and chanting), he say the methodless method is most difficult
He also teach can hua tou like “what is this?” The meditation is sitting insterspersed with standing meditation and they have walking and even running meditation.. they have many other movements and stretching and exercises also
He got one disciple i think a nun who is like his successor and probably had some realisation also thats guiding there.. she would like shout self enquiry questions from time to time. Like someone sleepy she would shout “在昏沉的是谁?” (Who is being sleepy?) what is the self nature 自性 of sleepiness? 能走路的是谁? (Who is it that was able to walk?) and something like 能觉察 (that which is able to be aware of) movement of legs 的清明心是什么 (what is that Clear Mind)? etc. she shouts with some fierceness lol ‎<This message was edited>
[24/3/24, 12:02:56 AM] Soh Wei Yu: Reminds me of my self enquiry days lol
[24/3/24, 12:03:58 AM] Soh Wei Yu: Ven guo ru did initial talk and concluding talk and q n a. Everything is very methodical even their eating and lunch.. got a lot of things and behaviour to follow and must be mindful every moment. And silence is observed ‎<This message was edited>
[24/3/24, 12:04:12 AM] Soh Wei Yu: And we all spent an hour sweeping floor and trimming weeds lol
[24/3/24, 12:05:44 AM] Soh Wei Yu: I think they have a lot of movement and exercises unlike those skewed to sitting like goenka.. i feel healthier and less prone to energy imbalance
He say next week he will give a talk on zen sickness
[24/3/24, 12:07:59 AM] Soh Wei Yu: Theres more than 30+, some of his students went china now to visit hui neng temple so usually might have more. Also got one white guy there.. i heard he attained kensho. His chinese was not so good, interesting he was able to benefit that way
[24/3/24, 12:26:05 AM] Soh Wei Yu: Marvellous mind he calls 妙净明心
[24/3/24, 12:33:00 AM] John Tan: Very good👍
[24/3/24, 12:34:24 AM] John Tan: Yes very good.
[24/3/24, 9:03:44 AM] John Tan: 明心还需见空性,明空性也需证妙心。(Soh: [after] apprehending Mind, one must still realise Emptiness, after understanding Empty nature, one still needs to realize marvellous Mind)    
[24/3/24, 9:56:46 AM] John Tan: Also natural state can also be approached from mature knowledge of effortlessness and non-doership nature of luminous clarity side or from thorough knowledge of the conventional which is freedom from all extremes and elaborations (emptiness).
[24/3/24, 6:25:31 PM] John Tan: How much u pay?
[24/3/24, 6:25:55 PM] John Tan: And u don't go everywhere talking about ur blog🤦
[24/3/24, 6:26:32 PM] Soh Wei Yu: Lol
[24/3/24, 6:27:22 PM] Soh Wei Yu: I think the recommended donation is like 500twd a day and its like up to you. I just gave 2000twd a day to support them more
[24/3/24, 6:27:46 PM] Soh Wei Yu: 500twd is like 21sgd
[24/3/24, 6:29:17 PM] Soh Wei Yu: Theres a lot of monks and nuns at the temple.. maybe like 10 ‎<This message was edited>
[24/3/24, 6:29:25 PM] Soh Wei Yu: And not so many students as far as i can tell
[24/3/24, 6:32:10 PM] John Tan: 10 is not a lot but 10 with clarity of insights is good.
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