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Because mind is no mind, there is no center or boundaries. There it is said to be like space as space has no center or boundaries. It does not mean a formless entity underlying and being inseparable from forms.

Mind is empty of mind and is nothing ot
her than the colors, sounds, textures, or manifestation of the moment. Presence is none other than these. The formless sense of Presence is simply another face of Presence and nothing special


Excerpt from Maitripa which uses the analogy of space:

The mind as such is merely a flow of awareness,
without self-nature, moving where it will like the wind.
Empty of an identity, it is like space.
All phenomena, like space, are the same.

That which is termed Mahamudra,
Is not a "thing" that can be pointed to.
It is the mind's own nature
that is Mahamudra [i.e., the Absolute State].

It is not something to be perfected or transformed.
Thus, to realize this, is to realize
that the whole world of appearance is Mahamudra.
This is the absolute all-inclusive Dharmakaya [i.e.,the Ultimate Embodiment of Buddhahood].

You should also realise that clear light is empty of being anything of itself. And because being empty of anything in and of itself the vivid textures and colors or the myriad faces of Presence are fully actualised as the ghostly images are cleared

To use the six sense perceptions as the path has many purposes. The
initial effect is that you will cease to slip under the influence of the six
senses thus giving them free rein, and phenomena will no longer negatively
affect your meditation; later, phenomena will arise as ornaments;
and finally, there will be no duality between phenomena and mind, and
you will have arrived at the expanse of the great pervasiveness of the

- khamptrul rinpoche

“All phenomena are the illusory display of mind.
There is no mind; mind is empty of an essence.
Empty and unceasing, it appears as anything whatsoever. Investigating this thoroughly, may we ascertain the ground. (9)

Our nonexistent projections are mistaken to be objects. Through ignorance, intrinsic awareness is mistaken to be a self. Through clinging to this duality, we wander within saîsåra. May we cut the root of ignorance and confusion. (10)”

“Looking at objects, there are no objects; we see only mind. Looking at mind, there is no mind; it is empty of an essence. Looking at both, dualistic clinging is spontaneously liberated. May we realize luminosity, the true nature of mind. (18)”

- 3rd karmapa
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