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    Awakening sounds mysterious but not. It’s like.. if you
    Open up for awareness to all around, 360 degrees, no limits.
    Let every single thing be your mind.
    “The world is your mind”
    Even your body is your mind.
    Everything. 100%
    Itch everything
    And then…
    Let everything know itself.
    Not you here knowing that thing there.
    Not “me” sensation know another sensation.
    Each sensation knows itself.
    Itch knows itself
    Thought knows itself
    Body knows itself
    Cat knows itself.
    Just that thing, the “mind”; it is aware of itself.
    That’s it!
    This is simply awakening. So easy right 😅


  • Soh Wei Yu
    "'Self luminous' and 'self knowing' are concepts which are used to convey the absence of a subjective reference point which is mediating the manifestation of appearance. Instead of a subjective cognition or knower which is 'illuminating' objective appearances, it is realized that the sheer exertion of our cognition has always and only been the sheer exertion of appearance itself. Or rather that cognition and appearance are not valid as anything in themselves. Since both are merely fabricated qualities neither can be validated or found when sought. This is not a union of subject and object, but is the recognition that the subject and object never arose in the first place [advaya]. ", "The cognition is empty. That is what it means to recognize the nature of mind [sems nyid]. The clarity [cognition] of mind is recognized to be empty, which is sometimes parsed as the inseparability of clarity and emptiness, or nondual clarity and emptiness." - Kyle Dixon, 2014

    Yin Ling
    Soh Wei Yu Kyle Dixon describe so elegantly. Next to him I want to dig a hole 😂

  • Soh Wei Yu
    Yin Ling your straightforward expression is also nice

  • Yin Ling
    Soh Wei Yu thank you for your stAunch support 😂😂😂

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