I sat for an hour here everyday,
Mostly just watching how mind blowing reality is.
I am still having fun. I’m not over this.
This is too radical.
How the hell did my world become like this?
I have no idea.
I wonder if ppl who call themselves Buddhists, Really understnd what the Buddha is actually trying to show us.
If they catch a glimpse
I really don’t know if they would continue to be a Buddhist 😂
If I tell them,
I would become a heretic in their eyes
Hence I have quit all traditional Buddhist groups
To maintain peace.
It’s beautiful as hell. Better than any HD TV out there in the market
It’s like someone crank up the senses to the max.
The whole scenery is a display like in Tate modern or sthg.. holographic, shimmering like a million of crystals,
So hollow.
Changing rapidly. Too fast to think.
And you are the whole thing.
Sometimes i forgot i operate from a body mind.
This is a fraction of what the Buddha is trying to show.
It’s completely beyond my imagination.
Blows my mind away.
So I sit here quietly and keep watching and watching.
More curious than a child.
I’m so enthralled.
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