Unborn phenomena will never be born.
The mind of the buddhas and of sentient beings is nondual and thus identical.
The infinite, limitless, billion world systems of the universe are the utterly pure buddhafields.
In the billion world systems of the universe, neither samsara nor nirvana exist: they are the mandala from which arises the true nature of reality that is total bliss.
For this reason, the wisdom of the primordial state is clearly manifest in the Mind of all buddhas. It transcends objects conceived by consciousness and abides in the Mind all buddhas as the supreme secret bliss. This is the secret primordial state.”
“The entire billion world systems of the universe are my domain, my abode, and my celestial palace.
They are all my Body, my Voice, and my Mind.
The entire billion world systems of the universe are the total perfection that is the level of enlightenment.
They are perfected in [the state of] total enlightenment,
They are the total bliss of the buddhafields,
The level of enlightenment,
The marvelous primordial state,
The essence of all.
They are the marvelous Body,
The marvelous Voice,
The marvelous Mind,
The marvelous quality,
The marvelous secret,
The marvelous manifestation of energy,
The marvelous activity,
The marvelous miraculous display:
They are this marvelous primordial state itself.”
“the five aggregates that are the five Body dimensions blazes as light” “All the five [elements] of earth, water, fire, air, and space blaze as light”
“Chapter 19
This chapter explains the meaning of meditation on the primordial state.
[The Bhagavan spoke:]
For the person who has discovered the gem of the three worlds, whatever is wished for is realized, and this world becomes the wish-fulfilling precious [gem].
The universe of a billion world systems is the wish-fulfilling precious gem.”
- The Marvelous Primordial State: The Mejung Tantra
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