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Teaching subjectClarifying the Natural State by Dakpo Tashi Namgyal

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wat happens to all the sheaths/bodies (im using advaita terminology,which makes much sense despite you repeatedly denying 'em ) when one realizes ones true nature?

    Well, u can just ignore dis post if feel it doesnt bring any benefits answering it ....

  2. Soh Says:

    The Koshas are taught so that the person doing self inquiry will be able to recognise and dissociate from all those sheaths as 'Not Me' and finally attain realization of the True Self, which is sat-chit-ananda. This is to get to the Thusness Stage 1, the I AMness realization.

    Once you get to Stage 4, it will be a different understanding. Phenomena is no longer dissociated but the taste of I AMness is present throughout. It will become like what David Carse wrote:

    "After the jungle, there is an intensely odd and very beau-tiful quality to the experience of life. In one sense I can only describe everything, all experience, as having a certain emptiness. This is the sense in which everything used to matter, to be vital and important, and is now seen as unreal, empty, not important, an illusion. Once it is seen that the beyond-brilliance of Sat Chit Ananda is all that is, the dream continues as a kind of shadow. Yet, at the same moment that all of what appears in the dream is experi-enced as empty, it is also seen as more deeply beautiful and perfect than ever imagined, precisely because it is not other than Sat Chit Ananda, than all that is. Everything that does not matter, that is empty illusion, is at the same time itself the beyond-brilliance, the perfect beauty. Somehow there is a balance; these two apparently opposite aspects do not cancel each other out but complement each other. This makes no 'sense,' yet it is how it is.

    There is one tradition within Advaita which says that maya, the manifestation of the physical universe, is over-laid or superimposed on Sat Chit Ananda. I'm no scholar of these things, and can only attempt to describe what is seen here; and the Understanding here is that there is no question of one thing superimposed on another. Maya, the manifestation, the physical universe, is precisely Sat Chit Ananda, is not other than it, does not exist on its own as something separate to be overlaid on top of something else. This is the whole point! There is no maya! The only reason it appears to have its own reality and is commonly taken to be real in itself is because of a misperceiving, a mistaken perception which sees the appearance and not What Is. This is the meaning of Huang Po's comment that "no distinction should be made between the Absolute and the sentient world." No distinction! There is only One. There is not ever in any sense two. All perception of distinction and separation, all perception of duality, and all perception of what is known as physical reality, is mind-created illu-sion. When a teacher points at the physical world and says, "All this is maya," what is being said is that what you are seeing is illusion; what all this is is All That Is, pure Being Consciousness Bliss Outpouring; it is your perception of it as a physical world that is maya, illusion."

  3. Anonymous Says:

    If one suffers unnesessarily more dan ones bad karma(eg.. one may be destined to get cancer but mistreatment by doctors cause more suffering, or road accident due to reckless driving of others etc..)does ending life prematurely better(by ending unnessasarily suffering)?

  4. Soh Says:

    Unless one has become liberated, one should never end life prematurely but strive to attain liberation with every second remaining in one's life by practicing deligently.

    Buddha: "When someone lays down this body and takes up another body, I call them ‘blameworthy’."

  5. Anonymous Says:

    It depends on wat kind of body taken in d afterlife .... the fact is dat the astral body ,lacking dense physicality(body+brain),one can hv better perspective...Consciousness trapped by limitations of dis brain simply cannot hv higher knowledge,

    past lives recollection,for eg...(without remembrance of past lives, one simply groved in de dark,chasing ephemereal things of dis world...

    I believe those astral beings can hv better chance of seeing their past existence and many other knowledges ...

  6. Soh Says:

    You mentioned having a body means one cannot recollect past lives and have higher knowledge.

    This is not true. Thusness and one of his 'students' Sim Pern Chong has recollected plenty of their past lives in meditation and jhana. They have attained transcendental wisdom.

    And so have countless practitioners of the past as documented in the suttas.

    One the other hand, countless sages have warned that if you die without realizing your true nature, you will just end up being reborn uncontrollably into another realm, to endure more suffering, birth, sickness, ageing and death.