Someone wrote,

"At one pint over a decade ago it felt as if everything I had ever learned was being erased, everything was zooming by the center of my forehead and being erased, then there was this pulsating sensation and the only words left were "I... IS.... I .... IS.... IS..... IS"

Experience of the "ISNESS" of life. Pure existence."

Soh replied,

"thanks for sharing on Isness

7:59 PM

i was reminded of something Thusness shared in 2007,

'Isness' carries different meanings depending on the conditions that give rise to its realisation. The 'Isness' that you experienced arises out of the conditions of 'no-self' and 'spontaneity'. So much so that when 'sense of self' arises due to karmic propensities at work, nothing needs be done at all, this 'doing nothing' is already the clearing of the karmic patterns -- self-liberates. However it is not the case of Isness that arises out of "I AM". It is similar to the case of discarding meditation...

My 2 cents. ""

"Isness that arises from “I AM” is a sensation of not wanting to add or subtract anything from present moment but still with a strong sense of object and subject split intact. It is the act of letting things be as it is. However as the experience has not dissolved the subject-object split, there is still a clear separation of “I AM” and object and that already is not as it is. For in truth reality is always non-dual so when there is a split, it is already not "as it is". "
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