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Yes. It does not mean panpsychism.. Buddhism is not a philosophy of panpsychism. It is much more profound than that.
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  • Yin Ling
    ytd I was watching a film called AWARE with my partner and this film they go on and on about panpsychism, plant consciousness, scientist investigating neuron producing consciousness that makes me SO frustrated lol, I ask my partner to skip and skip to Matthieu Richard part that he was SOooo annoyed with me lol. I mean.. it doesnt make sense!
    • William Lim
      More compassion my dear 😂 You just said yesterday that even the Buddha said not everyone is ready for emptiness teaching. To be an effective teacher, you have to understand (and accommodate) the level of the student 🙏🏼
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    • Yin Ling
      William Lim ahahaha yeah he scold me saying I am not open minded!
      Im like but they are the ones not open minded! 🤣
      Then we change film 🤣
  • John Tan
    I like 慧律法师 a lot. There is another video by him also about 情与无情,同圆种智 but explanation not as good as this one. He spoke of 一合相 in that youtube.
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Soh Wei Yu
Copying Yin Ling's translations over
Yin Ling is feeling chill.
All forms are appearances of energy,
when energy cools, it becomes our material forms.
but when material forms vibrate in high speed it becomes energy"
If one understand the heart (of the dharma), there is not even a particle of sand in the whole universe.
All dharmas, are our own empty clarity.
This IMO explain Kevatta Sutta really well. It is not intellectual, it is this kind of direct experience. this is from Surangama sutta. (楞严经)
There are so few teachers who transmit the dharma like that.. via direct felt sense, they just keep transmitting their own wisdom and allows you to feel into the dharma experientially. We want to aim for this as practitioners. There is no room for inference in death and bardos.
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