Recently I visited Zen Master Guo Ru Fa Shi 果如法师's monastery (祖師禪林Chan Grove) in Tai Pei, he is the dharma successor of Ven Sheng Yen, and he learned from both Ven Sheng Yen and Ven Dong Chu. 

I looked through his books his shelves (many seem to not be available on bookstores, but this one is available on Amazon: , but there are really fabulous excerpts in his other books available only in his monastery, you will have to visit the monastery and get the books from there (by donation basis and amount is up to you))

His realisation is deep into anatman, dependent origination and emptiness. I would say his depth of realization is similar to Hui Lu Fa Shi and Hong Wen Liang.

Taiwan is blessed with deeply realised masters throughout the island.

Guo Ru Fa Shi 果如法师 in Taipei, Hong Wen Liang 洪文亮 in Taichung, and Hui Lu Fa Shi 慧律法师 in Kaohsiung.

Chinese speakers should try to learn from them and attend some of their retreats if possible. Another one is Zen Master Chi Chern 繼程法師  who lives in Malaysia, who also has deep realisation.

最近我参观了位于台北的果如法师的寺院(祖師禪林Chan Grove),他是圣严法师的法脉继承者,曾经跟圣严法师和东初法师学习。

在他的书架上,我发现了许多书籍,有些在外面的书店似乎难以找到。果如法师目前只有一本可以在亚马逊找到 ( ),但是在他的寺院里,我还发现了其他书籍中的一些精彩内容,这些只能在那里才能找到。





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