Here's a document I wrote many years ago comparing Actual Freedom teachings and the teachings of Buddhism.

ChatGPT generated synopsis:

The document titled "Actual Freedom and Buddhism," written by Soh, explores the conceptual and experiential overlaps and distinctions between Actual Freedom (AF), a modern spiritual practice, and traditional Buddhist teachings, particularly in relation to Thusness's Seven Stages of Enlightenment. Soh delves into a detailed experiential comparison between AF and various stages of Buddhist enlightenment, emphasizing the nuanced understanding of self/Self, no-self/Self (anatta), and the nature of experience in both traditions. The document argues that while AF shares similarities with the insight of Buddhist anatta, particularly in its description of experiential realization, there are key distinctions in their approaches to understanding and experiencing reality. It includes discussions on the nature of subject-object duality, the experience of non-duality and no-self/Self, and the implications of these realizations for spiritual practice. Soh also addresses misunderstandings and critiques concerning the relationship between AF and traditional Buddhist goals, which includes clarifying misconceptions on nirvana and other Buddhist concepts, misrepresented by Richard, providing a balanced perspective on both spiritual approaches, advocating for a nuanced appreciation of both paths while highlighting their potential for complementing each other in a practitioner's journey towards understanding the nature of mind and reality.

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