Ananda, all illusory sense organs and every illusory form arise and perish exactly where they manifest. These are falsely named and conceived, yet their true nature is the luminous essence of marvelous awakening. So it is with everything, from the five skandhas to the six entrances, from the twelve bases to the eighteen realms. The union of causes and conditions gives rise to their illusory arising; their separation bestows the illusory name of extinction. It is profoundly elusive to discern that the arising and ceasing, the coming and going, are fundamentally the ever-present, wondrous clarity of the Tathagatagarbha. The unmoved, perfect, all-encompassing nature of true suchness — within this constant and true nature, seeking the coming and going, delusion and enlightenment, birth and death, one will never find them.

- Shurangama Sutra


source of translation:

From my translation of this article with the help of ChatGPT with some personal amendments 

“Heretical Views Outside the Path - Xiao Pingshi's "God-Making Movement"” by Venerable Da Zhao 

邪因外道——萧平实的“造神运动” (达照)

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