ChatGPT: Here is the image that captures the essence of a profound spiritual journey, illustrating the diverse paths converging towards the realization of anatman or no-self, with figures representing contemporary and historical teachers from different traditions.


Someone said: "This has been my realization as well. I have been having a hard time finding many who espouse emptiness teachings. Obviously Buddha, but the only major practitioner I can find any info on or videos by is Greg Goode. "

Soh replied:

That's because you've been reading Advaitin authors so far, in which case the I AM and one mind realization features prominently.

I can list many, many contemporary (and many more who are dead) teachers and masters and practitioners who have realised anatta. I even wrote that there's 60 who realised anatta through the AtR blog. I'm not kidding, and I'm not making this figure up, I actually have all the names on a notepad. But it goes to show that anatta realisation is actually quite attainable with the right pointers and guidance and practice.

But as for teachers who realised anatta, here's a list of contemporary teachers who realised anatman:

Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, most famous Buddhist master in the world after the Dalai Lama (who also himself wrote about anatman a lot), passed away last year -- must read:

Dzogchen teacher Ācārya Malcolm Smith , consistently clear about anatman in the teachings I received from him. I recommend him as a dharma teacher to all who are interested and resonates with him and Dzogchen. You can watch this YouTube video (highly recommended) for an introduction to Acarya Malcolm’s Dzogchen teachings that was recommended by Sim Pern Chong on the atr group: . Also Malcolm’s writings can be found here - a very good compilation of his writings, which also shows why Dzogchen is different from Advaita realization. His student Kyle Dixon/Krodha also realised anatman and wrote about it here: ,

Do watch this talk by Acarya Malcolm Smith:

If you wish to attend his teachings, you can send a message to

Zen teacher Venerable Jinmyo Osho Sensei who offers long distance training program and her teacher Ven. Anzan Hoshin roshi also clearly realised anatman and is another teacher I recommend. Why do I recommend these two in particular (Malcolm and Jinmyo)? Because they offer online teachings. Of course there are many other teachers who realised anatman, you just have to search around, but they may or may not offer teachings online (they may be stationed at a local dharma center or monastery, for example).

Zen teacher Alex Weith, who is a member of this group, went through I AM to one mind to anatman realization. He realised I AM/one mind and his realization was confirmed by Advaitin teachers and asked to teach by them, but later on he discovered Buddhist realisation of anatman goes deeper. You can talk to him if you wish: , and read his article which is well written (must read!):

Another dharma teacher who underwent similar journey from Vedanta realization (confirmed to be deep and profound by his Vedanta teachers and asked to teach) before going into Buddhist realization is Archaya Mahayogi Shridhar Rana Rinpoche, you can read about his bio and articles here:

Zen teacher Hong Wen Liang - very deep insights on anatman/total exertion/emptiness but he teaches in Chinese, but I translated some into English, highly recommended reading:

Angelo Dillulo/Angelo Gerangelo -- an admin of this group also and a teacher, and has a youtube channel and a book

Thrangu Rinpoche -- books highly recommended, he recently passed away and attained Buddhahood and rainbow body:

Zen teacher Ven Chi Chern -- teaches in Chinese

Zen teacher Ven Hui Lu -- teaches in Chinese , some translations at

Zen Master Dogen and many other olden days Zen masters starting with Bodhidharma, who all realised and taught anatman, please read:

Dzogchen teachers Yogini Abhaya Devi and Abhaya Devi Yogini --

Zen teacher Barry Magid - good read:

Zen teacher Madelon Bolling - good read:

Zen teacher Doug Phillips - good read:

Toni Packer and her student Joan Tollifson

Daniel M. Ingram, must watch this video on how to practice and realize anatman:

Charles Genoud - good book

Charlie Singer

Zen teacher Charlotte Joko Beck

Zen teacher Hakuun Yasutani

Zen teacher Kubota [Akira] Ji'un

Dan Berkow

Scott Kiloby

Zen Teacher Shohaku Okumura - - scroll halfway down to Update 9th June 2019

He gives highly recommended teachings and materials for Dogen studies: “ Today he is recognized for his unique perspective on the life and teachings of Dogen Zenji derived from his experience as both practitioner and translator, and as a teacher in both Japanese and Western practice communities. He gives frequent lectures on the Shobogenzo and other foundational texts. His translations and commentaries include Dogen's Extensive Record (Wisdom Publications, 2004) and The Wholehearted Way (Tuttle Publishing, 1997), Realizing Genjokoan, Living By Vow, Mountains and Waters Sutra, and Squabbling Squashes. His lectures have appeared in Buddhadharma: The Practitioner's QuarterlyDharma Eye, and Buddhism Now.

He continues to lead sesshins (intensive meditation retreats) and genzo-e (Shobogenzo study) retreats at Sanshin-ji (Sanshin Zen Community) and at various other centers in the US and around the world. Shohaku Okumura's bio on Sanshin Zen Community.

And also:

Zen Teacher Shunryū Suzuki

Zen Teacher Steve Hagen -- good read:

Sonam Thakchoe --

Frank Yang -- check out his video

Now, at this point you're probably thinking, ok you listed many teachers, but how come I've still never heard of any of them before?

Well how about Adyashanti? You must have heard of him right? Adyashanti realised anatta and total exertion only in recent years. All his books in earlier years were into I AM and one mind only. I have posted some of his recent articles

How about A H Almaas? Have you heard of him? He also only realised anatta and total exertion only in recent years. All his books in earlier years were into I AM and one mind only. I highly recommend watching this video by him:

Alan Watts? Many should know him. Very clear insights:

There's also this teacher Richard from the Actual Freedom Trust, he is not Buddhist but his experience and progression is quite similar to I AM then into anatta and total exertion, however his insights has not expanded into twofold emptiness.

And these are just the contemporary ones, and only some of them off the top of my mind. There are plenty more I have not listed. And if you want me to list the olden/dead masters, it will be too many to list.

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