[7/7/24, 5:54:03 PM] John Tan: Do u know that contemplating dependent arising must ultimately lead to dependent designation?
[7/7/24, 6:33:15 PM] John Tan: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3wvQm1DnFxdKDx74f1P0lLNxN1c-Hruc&si=OD0jIAG62vWAEc3O
[7/7/24, 7:19:37 PM] Soh Wei Yu: Yeah..
[7/7/24, 7:19:59 PM] Soh Wei Yu: But only prasangika madhyamaka realizes it right, lower tenets up to yogacara and maybe some madhyamaka arent totally clear
[7/7/24, 7:21:03 PM] Soh Wei Yu: Even then the sravaka arhat must have realised some degree of dependent designation like vajira expressed:
[7/7/24, 7:21:31 PM] John Tan: I suppose so.  What did he say?
[7/7/24, 7:21:36 PM] Soh Wei Yu: “Why do you believe there’s such a thing as a ‘sentient being’?

Māra, is this your theory?

This is just a pile of conditions,

you won’t find a sentient being here.

When the parts are assembled

we use the word ‘chariot’.

So too, when the aggregates are present

‘sentient being’ is the convention we use.

But it’s only suffering that comes to be,

lasts a while, then disappears.

Naught but suffering comes to be,

naught but suffering ceases.” - Vajira Sutta (https://suttacentral.net/sn5.10/en/sujato?lang=en&layout=plain&reference=none&notes=asterisk&highlight=false&script=latin)
[7/7/24, 7:22:11 PM] John Tan: Wow 👍
[7/7/24, 7:23:17 PM] John Tan: Yes, only lack two folds.
[7/7/24, 7:23:46 PM] Soh Wei Yu: I see.. yeah non arising of aggregates isnt taught
[7/7/24, 7:27:40 PM] John Tan: It doesn't mean because they r conventionally designated, it doesn't exist ultimately and is not important.  This is essential mode of thinking.  

Because there r no inherently existing things, that is y nominal existence become important.





Comments by Soh: 

There's another famous Sravaka Arhat - Nagasena, who taught and elaborated on the insight of chariot and dependent designation. Nagasena's writing was what triggered in John Tan a preliminary insight into Emptiness decades ago. See: +A and -A Emptiness and The Questions of King Milinda (As Answered by the Arahant, Nagasena)

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