I have said that many teachers throughout various traditions, including Chinese Buddhism, got stuck with the realization of atman-brahman. But there are always exceptions.

I was just reminded of anatta gong an (cases) in Ch'an Buddhism that I've taken from Yogichen website a long time ago, but seems gone now.

Taken from Yogichen website long ago:


Translation: Ch'an school has a koan, monk asks Da Tong, "Throughout heaven and earth only I AM the world honoured one, what is this Self?" Da answers, "any faults for pushing down the teacher?" Jian says, "often there are Ch'an teachers, teaching people, 'We should stand atop the highest mountain, walk the floor of the deepest ocean'". With this God-Self of the Universe (Atman-Brahman), [one] causes harm to the common people. The commoners stubbornly cling to this, and it is most difficult to come out of it, [thus] not only is there no faults in pushing down [such a teacher], one furthermore saves the person's wisdom-life, and is a true child of Shakya.

Elsewhere (not from Yogichen):


The 《云门史话》 states: "The world honoured one was born, one finger pointing to the sky, one finger pointing towards the earth, walks seven steps, surveys the four directions, and said, "I alone am the honored one throughout heaven and earth."  The teacher (云门) says, "If I were there to witness that, I would strike him down in one blow and feed it to the dogs, for the sake of peace on earth."

Another koan (from Yogichen website)

雪峰曰:“要会此事,犹如古镜-胡来胡现,汉来汉现。” 玄沙闻之曰:“忽遇镜破如何?”曰:“胡汉俱隐。” 玄沙曰:“老和尚足跟 犹未 点地在!”健代曰:“胡汉现成。”

Xue Feng said, “To comprehend this matter, it is similar to the ancient mirror – Hu comes, Hu appears; Han comes, Han appears.” Xuan Sha heard this and said, “Suddenly the mirror is broken, then how?” “Hu and Han both disappear.” Xuan Sha said, “Old monk’s heels have not touched ground yet.” Jian says instead, “Hu and Han are actualized/manifest.”



Seppo: “My concrete state is like one face of the eternal mirror. When a foreigner comes, a foreigner appears. When a Chinaman comes, a Chinaman appears. Gensa: If suddenly a clear mirror comes along, what then? Seppo: The foreigner and the Chinaman both become invisible. Gensa: I am not like that. Seppo: How is it in your case…If a clear mirror comes along, what then? Gensa: Smashed into hundreds of bits and pieces.” Dôgen comments: “…the truth should be expressed like that.”
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