I have criticised corrupt gurus and institutions for the abuse they inflict. But going by this, there are endless things to criticise in the world, including the horrors that just happened in New Zealand perpetrated by extremists of ultra right-wing, islamophobic ideology and white supremacy. It is surely worthy of utmost condemnation by any sensible person. This is the horrors driven by a low level state of consciousness called “ethnocentricism” based on the spiral dynamics model, which is a narrow, group-centric identity as opposed to a more encompassing, world centric mindset. It is high time that the world evolve out of childish, infantile and narrow minded low level states of ethnocentric consciousness to embrace a world centric perspective, to focus on the real issues that humanity faces, including issues like climate change which will soon threaten the very survival of civilisation itself. These are all issues that can never be solved if ethnocentricism continues to be the predominant state of consciousness that humanity is in (and unfortunately it still is). Humanity needs to wake up from its slumber.
But still, what I’ve said is looking at these issues on the surface, merely the symptoms of a more fundamental root cause of suffering and affliction. More fundamentally, the root cause of all the horrors in the world is a mind afflicted by the tendencies towards greed, hatred and delusion. In effect, all afflictive activities are dependently originated not from a self or agency but are activities arising in dependence on conditions, particularly a deluded mind that imputes inherent existence on self and phenomena. Cut off the root causes of suffering and you will have peace on earth, a pristine, luminous and pure mind/world completely rid of any sense that “I exist”, any sense of a self/Self, a world where nobody will be seen as enemies as not even the slightest sense of separation remains, and not a trace of hatred and malice remains to be found, let alone violence and murder or the need for these “wayward behaviours” to be policed by laws. Such a world is not fantasy, for many today are living proof that it is possible to live in such purity, via an inner realization and transformation, as I too am speaking from experience. The sufferings and horrors driven by this root cause of ignorance are endless, but all comes forth in dependence on the root cause of ignorance.
And I am saying this not out of desire for self-attention or all that silly nonsense. I have no ambition or the slightest desire to be in some role of being a guru. Instead of elevating the status of myself, it is my very intention to “normalise” and “demythologize” it, as the people who have attained this are mostly very ordinary people like you and me, not some 108th reincarnated avatar of the luminous king of vishnu. The state of awakening is utterly accessible and readily attainable by all and sundry. Widespread awakening in the world is possible and hopefully will come to be in times to come. 
I am against setting up an authoritarian structure, as I hold that truth, freedom and liberation is everyone’s birthright and cannot be monopolised or institutionalised by gurus, forms and structure. I do not wish to be someone selling water by the river. However, the least I can do perhaps, is to point out the river - the possibility of a shift in consciousness. Life is vastly better for oneself and for others when lived from measureless mind/universe rather than the narrow confines of a solid and dualistic world of self and other.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, authoritative and organized religion will never lead to real attainment(perhaps there are very minor exceptions),but yr own teachings had been nothing but rigid and authoritarian. Its simply folding all other path into Thusness stages,and disregarding the possibilities of other framework.Yr quotations frm this and that person has not been frm genuine understanding, but simply to validate yr already formed view.

    I read some of yr past discussions on the other forum, and the conclusion is inevitable : you do not had any genuine realization.

    With any authentic realization ,creative expression is inevitable,as the individual had seen the truth for him/herself,and able to articulate it according to situations and persons encountered. But you did not(and still dont). Discerning person after sometime will be able to tell the difference between actual creative expression come frm seeing-for-oneself or just some shallow mind realization.And unfortunately, you fall into the latter category.

    Like a robot.

    " Do self enquiry for 2 years, and you will get I Am " is just among hundreds of yr shallow advice,as if theres some standard way applicable to everyone and able to produce mass understanding.The path is like going through a thick jungle ,covered with poisonous ,thorny trees(personal greed,hatred etc)... and had to be go through with personal weapons one had at disposal.Yr lack of ability to see this simple truth speaks more than all the hundreds of analytical difference you made between I Am , non dual etc..

    Therefore this is something you never like to hear : online teachings 99.999999% will never b an effective way of awaken others.Yet its all dear to you(look at all yr past arguments,discussions on the forums,and this blog)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Yr repeated attempt to validate yrself (for 8 years i never had any self, i always experience bliss etc..) simply shows lack of sense of security .Look deeper into yr heart,whats the need for such declaration? I expect others are intelligent enough to judge for themselves whether yr writings have any real merit and not,with or without yr proclamation of attainment.