• Albert Hong For something like total exertion, contemplation really helps. You can just intellectually contemplate interdependence and action. Like what is doing really? We are always doing. Everything is total flux. You hold that conceptually and then tune into and investigate. Then you can begin to consider the conditions that go into that action. With that effort and intention and holding of a view, you can easily skirt into non-conceptual understanding.

    Especially starting with a very repetitive task like washing dishes. The whole interdependent world is completely showcased in that activity. Hand to sponge to soap to water to dish to wiping to cleaning. All of it linked in it's immediacy. that keeps extending and extending until you see how your father is there, your mother, your friends, the sink, the water, etc. everything is there in the whole activity.

    So you can make insane efforts, you can do A LOT and with intensity. And that is the interdependent universe right there.

    You have to think about these things. You have to apply it to your life. To your actions. The funny thing is that it's actually how things are. The insight is just realizing that is already the case. The conceptual framework just mirrors and is a door to the as it is.
  • Albert Hong Karma is interesting to consider as well. How our personal actions reflect infinitely. And how our vision of the world at the moment is completely the result of all casual conditions prior.

    For myself it is also understanding Ancestral karma that com
    es with the specific meat bag we carry around. Those energies and momentums are at play.

    But we can also understand the same concept from lineage. We are all carriers of lineage. And we are the pinnacle of the lineage.

    We also hold the lineage of being human. Carrying the whole momentum of being human, the whole karmic package with its virtue and non virtue.

    Each moment a choice, an act. Either we choose virtue or non virtue. And that moments choice creating the vector for the next moment.

    Mind is continuous. to moments, to lifetimes, infinitely.

    So contemplation of things like this makes ordinary, insignificant things very important and very extraordinary. Every action counts and reflects infinitely.

    Your liberation is paramount for it sows the seeds and potentiality for others. It makes it easier for others. What each and everyone one of us does. For better or worse is reflective forever.

    Eh and to negate everything I just wrote.

    It's probably better to just sit in Zazen.
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