[3:03 PM, 6/20/2020] Soh Wei Yu: Albert Hong
Albert Hong I'm not sure if OP got his answer yet. Probably, but I can add another opinion to the mix. To get access to AMness or Beingness one has to distinguish the vital energy from the body. Then the essence of that vital energy, which is the life force or your sense of being alive is your BeingNess.

So you can think of it this way. You have a body. You also breath air or prana. When the air accumulates within you, due to spiritual practice. Which is basically coarse body identification becoming more subtle. Then from that arises the sense of Being. It is the most subtle substance that is arisen from your body, due to you eating food.

I'm not sure what your "practice" is. But if you do anything body based or breath based then naturally you will understand what is meant by inner vitality. An inner sense of aliveness or well being or just having more energy due to spiritual practice.

If you give you attention to that life energy then it will naturally become more subtle until your whole sense of a body is just bliss and knowingness.

then Amness becomes the very most subtle substance of everything. but it all begins with coarse to subtle to AMness.

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    Albert Hong
    Albert Hong A large part of isolating the sense of YOU ARE is due to interacting with being abiding in such state. Then it becomes clear what that taste or flavor is. Then it becomes a process of distinguishing that from coarse body identification, which is nothing but muscular tensions. Those tensions then when recognized as the YOU ARE become bliss, become nothing but YOU ARE.

    So fundamentally the quickest way to recognize that is to get into the physical presence of a teacher. Then the work is isolating it apart from all the possible experiences and in particular the different bodies from coarse to subtle. Then reintergrating that sense into all the bodies again.

    The emphasis is also on somatic practices. You don't just live with your thinking mind. You live as a body. There are modalities of knowing that mostly are not spoken in spirituality due to the heavy emphasis on intellectualism.

    Devotion for instance is a great access point to realize AMness. When you truly love something without boundaries, without desire then the aliveness or soul essence of what you love shines forth.

    So if Who am I doesn't work just note that there are many, many ways.

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[3:58 PM, 6/20/2020] John Tan: This is very good
[4:00 PM, 6/20/2020] John Tan: In fact this is what I want to tell u but it can be make more insightful and direct.
[4:16 PM, 6/20/2020] Soh Wei Yu: Oic.. think i will put into stage 1 chapter in atr guide haha
[4:19 PM, 6/20/2020] John Tan: No I m referring to other aspects.  U r looking at just AMness.
[4:20 PM, 6/20/2020] John Tan: But Albert put it quite well for both, total exertion as well as this comment.
[4:24 PM, 6/20/2020] John Tan: Did u get what Albert is trying to say?
[4:43 PM, 6/20/2020] John Tan: The OP is abt Frank?
[5:08 PM, 6/20/2020] Soh Wei Yu: Its about discovering the taste of amness then reintegrating that taste into somatic.. like after anatta
[5:08 PM, 6/20/2020] Soh Wei Yu: Someone asking about self enquiry
[5:11 PM, 6/20/2020] John Tan: Yes.
[5:24 PM, 6/20/2020] John Tan: Did I tell u that at certain phase u have to switch to somatic and energy practice and that is the turn point where intellectual is replaced by sensing energy and somatic-body presence.
[6:03 PM, 6/20/2020] Soh Wei Yu: Oic..

[6:04 PM, 6/20/2020] John Tan: It is the time when I told u to practice yoga.
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