Soh Wei Yu



As John Tan said before, if you still experience even the slightest negative emotions when faced with the worldly winds, then in such case, you have not even lived in non-dual radiance to the "middle level", otherwise whatever happens to you, the eight worldly winds, they won't affect you at all. Even if loved ones depart from your life and so on, the universe collapses, whatever. Therefore if one feels one is still affected even in the slightest (like feeling the slightest tinge of sadness or attachment to anything that happens), then one must increase one's practice. You have to sit and overcome the body to stillness and then to pervasiveness of radiance, and master a skill (method of practice) that can help to develop your meditation (shamatha-vipashyana) and don't think you have reached the ultimate stage of non-meditation. It's a joke, laughable, he said.


Yin Ling


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