John Tan:

there r 2 lvl of understanding, from de-construction of conventional construct perspective and then luminous appearances perspective.  Imo emptiness must be understood from DO perspective and as long as understanding of DO is not realized that nothing stands apart from consciousness, that is not the import of DO.

(Also see: Rainbow 

    Listening to someone tutoring about "rainbow",
    The teaching of science came to my mind.
    The raindrops, the sunshine;
    The light that enters and exits the droplets;
    The reflection, refraction and light dispersion;
    All these formed the rainbow.
    But they missed the most important factor,
    The radiance of our own mind.

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      Jayson MPaul
      Rainbows need to have eyes in correct position, water droplets, light, radiant mind, all like so for rainbow to appear. Move slightly and rainbow is gone. Never came from anywhere, stayed anywhere, or went anywhere. The rainbow was insubstantial, but vividly displayed. All phenomena are like this.

      Stian Gudmundsen Høiland
      Look ahead and you see the table and your phone. Need "all like so" (tatha). Look behind you and that is gone, but now a new like so and not otherwise.

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      Dragan Milojević
      What radiance of mind? Where is it, science needs proofs and evidence. Mind is only a perceptor and analyzer.

      John Tan
      Dragan Milojević Science can prove the sad tears of a mother are H2O but can't prove the "sadness". As human, we need both.
      But I like ur question, Where is this radiance?
      Yes where is it? Even Buddha cannot know it's whereabout.

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