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Never ending stream of I AM atmavadins posting at buddhism subreddit everyday.

I posted this post template (i have several so that i can just cut and paste in an instant from within my iphone notes) four times in buddhism subreddit just today alone, the same post in four different threads in in just one day:

"I see many here have given you a reply like this: you are not your thoughts because you are the observer of your thoughts, or you are the unchanging true self, the pure awareness that is the ground of being of all thoughts and phenomena, like the ocean underlying all waves.

That is more of the Hindu atman-brahman understanding. Buddhism however points to a more profound insight into anatman (no self) and sunyata (emptiness) and pratityasamutpada (dependent origination). It sees through the view of inherent existence and the false duality between some unchanging substance and changing manifestations.

I recommend reading these articles which provide an account on how the different experiential realizations unfolded: "



    William Lim
    You have several templates?? 😂
    Just send your model answers to Chat GPT and let it do the work for you

    Soh Wei Yu
    William Lim yes a lot
    I am like a chat bot these days

  • Soh Wei Yu
    Btw anyone is free to steal my templates.
    Feel free. And spread it widely.

    William Lim
    Mayb you should license from Open AI their tech and come up with Anatta ChatBot feature for ATR site 😂

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