I recommended a book to someone on healing trauma and nondual realization:

Soh: “ For traumas read https://www.amazon.com.au/Trauma-Unbound-Body-Fundamental-Consciousness/dp/1683641833 . I think she will be helpful for trauma and nondual realization.

John Tan recommended me this author in 2008/2009 (not for trauma but for the nondual exercises which he thought was really good, although maybe not anatta -- I AM and nondual)”

Mr AS wrote: “ Isha A. yeah I read your post and thought the same. I'm comforted by the knowledge that it cannot be lost, even if things may appear dark sometimes. The book recommended by Soh Wei Yu seems helpful, tho I haven't finished reading it, the method is similar to IFS but maybe more somatic, and with better understanding of the Beingness and Non-Duality, so I think it is even better. Recommended for our present situation. :)”

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