1. tao
    How do you validate an Anatta realization in others?

  2. Soh
    Through conversing one will know. For example it doesn't take long for me to find out that this person is not having the direct realization of anatta in the sense of Thusness Stage 4 or 5 but is having a more minor insight into non-doership: https://awakeningtoreality.blogspot.com/2018/12/non-doership-is-not-yet-anatta.html

    As Thusness said in 2008*, "If you know, you will be able to know are they there."

    And as an Arahant said,


    Thag 1:61 Vappa

    One who sees

    sees who sees,

    sees who doesn’t.

    One who doesn’t see


    see who sees

    or who doesn’t.


    *Excerpt from 2008:

    (12:21 AM) Thusness: Why u worry so much abt others ppl stage?
    (12:22 AM) AEN: lol
    (12:23 AM) Thusness: Rather pray hard that u will not be misled and go through countless lives of rebirth again
    (12:23 AM) Thusness: What u must have is to correctly discern
    (12:25 AM) Thusness: If u want to hv clarity of the essence of the six phases, discern and understand correctly.
    (12:25 AM) Thusness: What if I m no more around?
    (12:26 AM) Thusness: If Ajahn Amaro cannot know the diff, much less is others
    (12:26 AM) AEN: icic..
    (12:26 AM) AEN: dharma dan leh
    (12:26 AM) Thusness: Rather ask urself have u correctly understood then abt others
    (12:27 AM) Thusness: How I know?
    (12:27 AM) Thusness: U kept asking abt others, I worry more abt u.
    (12:28 AM) Thusness: If u know, u will be able to know r they there.
    (12:29 AM) Thusness: Like ken and Ajahn Amaro clearly have same experience but different understanding
    (12:29 AM) Thusness: David loy treat them the same too.
    (12:29 AM) Thusness: Not realizing the differences
    (12:30 AM) Thusness: So have the right understanding
    (12:31 AM) Thusness: One is abiding, the other is non-abiding
    (12:32 AM) Thusness: One is still efforting, the other is effortless
    (12:33 AM) Thusness: One is Brahman, the other is DO
    (12:34 AM) Thusness: One is mirror, the other is pure manifestation
    (12:36 AM) Thusness: 'Self' is grasped unknowingly because it is independent, changeless
    (12:36 AM) Thusness: Therefore they can't treasure the Transience
    (12:37 AM) Thusness: They can't c conditions
    (12:37 AM) Thusness: The Transience and conditions are most sacred
    (12:38 AM) Thusness: How can Self c this?
    (12:39 AM) Thusness: But one must know the emptiness nature of Transience, unfindable and ungraspable
    (12:39 AM) Thusness: And rises when condition is
    (12:40 AM) Thusness: When we say attributes, we r referring to the empty nature of awareness
    (12:41 AM) Thusness: But awareness is full of colors
    (12:41 AM) Thusness: Like 'redness' of a flower
    (12:42 AM) Thusness: But to advaitins, it is absence
    (12:42 AM) Thusness: Nothing to do with awareness
    (12:43 AM) AEN: u mean they see awareness as formless?
    (12:43 AM) Thusness: yes
    (12:43 AM) AEN: icic
    (12:44 AM) Thusness: Means absence of attributes as colorless, formless
    (12:44 AM) Thusness: But what buddhism is referring is its emptiness nature
    (12:45 AM) Thusness: Not that there is a real formless entity
    (12:45 AM) Thusness: Awareness is appearances appearing when condition is
    (12:46 AM) Thusness: awareness is not free of thoughts
    (12:46 AM) Thusness: To advaitins, it is.
    (12:47 AM) Thusness: To buddhist practitioner, thought is awareness
    (12:48 AM) Thusness: One thought arises
    (12:48 AM) Thusness: Next one
    (12:48 AM) Thusness: Like what Ajahn Amaro said
    (12:48 AM) Thusness: There is no worry abt no thought, no conceptuality
    (12:49 AM) Thusness: All will be experienced in their most vivid forms

  3. Anonymous
    As is said in Eccleciastes, there is season and time for everything ....so i guess is time for u to move on to some other project and priorities in life .... through this blog and online discussion in de past u have had accumulated enough good karma and merit already...

    And not to mention,as youngster in early 20s,with raging hormones(lol) , mayb focus on life companion,girlfriend will be inevitable....


  4. Tao
    I can't see any other way either, but I was hoping you know another...

    Thank you

  5. Soh
    If you're talking about non-verbal cues.. If you meet a genuine practitioner, you will notice that their face is beaming with radiance. Their whole body mind is luminous radiance in direct experience, and it is quite obviously reflected in how they look. Even my aunt (who does not practice meditation) told me that Thusness's face was beaming with radiance, when he came to our house.

    However that should not be how we judge a person's insight or attainment.

    As Rob Burbea said,

    "And in that, there’s an incredible beauty, an incredible sense of mystery, that the being opens to. A person who practices in that way a lot, who practices at that level a lot, who cultivates that and looks to cultivate that and learns, develops the skill, the art of really hanging out there a lot, if you meet a person like that, they are going to be really radiant. Very shiny. Very big aura. Very free. And they will feel very free, at quite a deep level quite a lot of the time. They will also probably be quite compassionate. A lot of love there.

    The Buddha makes a very marked point on one occasion, I think it was to Ananda, which is never judge someone’s awakening or non-awakening, enlightenment or non-enlightenment by how radiant they seem, by how shiny they seem, by how glowing. Absolutely not the way you discern where someone’s really at in the practice. But to practice at that level will bring that, and to learn people do they develop it as kind of what they’re going for, we’re talking about Buddhists and non-Buddhists, and they learn to hang out there. Incredibly beautiful and incredibly powerful."

    - http://awakeningtoreality.blogspot.com/2009/07/realizing-nature-of-mind.html

    And Thusness himself mentioned this before a couple of times, like in 2007,

    https://app.box.com/s/325e5kqixjrqu7gdd9d1 - Lankavatara Sutra Discussion Transcript 2007

    "Thusness: The initial aspect is this. The initial aspect is that there is a sudden realisation of non-duality. Then you will be in a stage of probably 60 to 90 days of bliss, of joy, or rapture. These things will happen first. Then, you will suddenly feel {inaudible} the momentum is coming to work. Now, this sudden {inaudible} of non-duality or the experience of non-duality will come again probably in {inaudible} even with practise. Because it will not just stop, but it will not just continuously surface. I mean it will continue to surface, but it will take place with the momentum, that you feel a bit confused. Can you get what I mean? But, if after certain time about two, three years of continuous practise and continuous experiencing it becomes stabilised. Then it becomes very clear. Then the experience of transparency will {inaudible}. And when you experience, a person will feel radiance bright. Means when you see him, you will find radiance bright, you know?

    Participant 1: You mean this person see other person, radiance bright?

    Thusness: Because once a person experience non-duality, there is no holding, there is just luminosity. There is just a pure sense of existence, of clarity, of all things. Somehow, there is an utmost joy and energy that flows from everywhere, that sustains a person. This is its nature."

  6. Anonymous
    He did look extremely radiant and contented ......

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