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My opinion on Shurangama Sutra

If the historical Zen masters Chinul and Zong-mi are depicting the views of the various historical Zen masters correctly, it is quite clear that different historical Zen masters are at different stages of the Thusness 7 Stages of Awakening (which is not at all surprising as the same situation is present today among different dharma teachers of various Buddhist traditions).

E.g. Chinul and Zongmi/Tsung-mi themselves are at Thusness Stage 4/Mirror Bright, Hung Chou (Mazu Daoyi's school) sounds like it's describing Anatta/Stage 5, Northern School sounds like I AM/Stage 1, while Niu Tou Farong sounds like he's describing the Stage 6 realization of the non-arising of both mind and phenomena. This is also related to Thusness's article Three levels of understanding Non-Dual

From: The Korean Approach to Zen

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