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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Theres an article 'Enlightenment therapy' in New York Times mag ,26.04.2009 .Its abt a zen master ,Lou Mitsunen Nordstrom,going for psychotherapy sessions after a breakdown.

    All his years of zen practice on no self had (instead of dissolve)bypass subconscious tendencies.

    No self shouldnt be practiced indisciminately.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Another case, a girl, Megan Vogt,committed suicide after attending Goenka 10 day retreat.

    Before one can reach the deepest,last layer of ego/personality/false self, many 'layers' had to be passed through.Theres no short cut to undying happiness.

    No self can only be uncovered after many layers/stages/stations.

    No quick fix.

  3. Soh Says:

    You can realize anatta immediately, like the case of Bahiya, but usually it takes some years of practice and contemplation.

    Most Zen Masters or any masters of any traditions have not realized anatta. As I said before, only 2% or less of anyone with any sort of spiritual realization have realised anatta. I am not kidding. It's probably much less than 2%.

    Anatta realization is rare.

  4. Soh Says:

    By the way this is a good read on an approach that integrates Buddhist practice with psychotherapy:


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  6. Anonymous Says:

    Pre-life plans,tasks and agreement(an article) in personalityspirituality.net

    I know you will prefer not to indulge in this and view it as simply ignorant,lower stages of 'puthujjana' , but at the very least,try to keep a very open mind :-)

    As a matter of fact,i think b4 coming into earth, yr soul makes resolution to help ppl with dharma,and yr encounter with Thusness is never accidental,but somehow "soul-contract".....



  7. Soh Says:

    I looked at personalityspirituality, only a few articles. The author of the site seems to have gone through self-inquiry and self-realization, so perhaps it can be of help to you.

    I am usually skeptical of 'channelled information' because 99% are confused stuff and do not present very deep wisdom (like into nondual and emptiness). There are very few exceptions -- Aaron from deepspring, a channeled entity, seems to present nondual kind of understanding (not necessarily anatta or emptiness though). In any case, don't just blindly believe everything you read.

    The article http://personalityspirituality.net/2009/04/28/70/ is a very confused article. The author is clearly only at Stage 1 and 2, therefore cannot understanding the teaching of anatta or No-Self. Thusness was also like this, as he said in Stage 2, "It seemed that my experience was supported by many Advaita and Hindu teachings. But the biggest mistake I made was when I spoke to a Buddhist friend. He told me about the doctrine of no-self, about no ‘I’. I rejected such doctrine outright as it was in direct contradiction with what I had experienced. I was deeply confused for some time and could not appreciate why Buddha had taught this doctrine and worse still, make it a Dharma Seal. Until one day, I experienced the fusing of everything into ‘Me’ but somehow there was no ‘me’. It was like an “I-less I’. I somehow accepted the 'no I' idea but then I still insisted that Buddha shouldn't have put it that way..."

    When No-Self is realised, there is no denial of anything, instead there is complete gapless and direct experiencing of all experiences, conditionings and feelings. Not a repressed state.

    This article - http://personalityspirituality.net/articles/the-michael-teachings/reincarnation-the-35-steps/stage-5-the-old-soul/ - is quite true but not elaborate enough. This has to do with the Spiral Dynamics. Ken Wilber and Leo from Actualized.Org (he has videos covering all the spiral dynamics stages) does a better elaboration of it. For example, Child Soul is blue/mythic-confirmity, Young Soul is orange/rational/modern, Mature Soul is green/post-modern. You can read more from A Brief History of Everything by Ken Wilber

  8. Soh Says:

    There are stages beyond Green in the spiral dynamics but not stated in that website.

  9. Soh Says:

    "As a matter of fact,i think b4 coming into earth, yr soul makes resolution to help ppl with dharma,and yr encounter with Thusness is never accidental,but somehow "soul-contract"....."

    Possibly but it is pretty useless to speculate on all kinds of theories. Just spend quality time self inquiring and meditating until you realise your true nature. Everything can be doubted except your true Being.

    Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fa4WtuR0wbY