André A. Pais wrote:

A few reflections, probably out of sync with Stian's view, but anyway...

Super-Matrix of Pure Mind like Space.

Matrix means an interconnected, interwoven, interpenetrating web of streams of information - information being nothing but pure causality.

Super-Matrix means that this matrix is really big and vast, since it is the whole universe, the whole of reality, the whole of existence - All That Is.

Mind means that every single stream of information is nothing but mind, since unknown information is no information at all - much like a known object is nothing without a knowing awareness. Information is mind, mind is information.

Pure and like Space, means that whenever one tries to pinpoint what this mind really is, what any type of information really is, one always comes up empty-handed - like one is trying to grab empty space. There is never any final obstruction that is found, some essence or core around which one could lay our grasping hands. Mind is pure of any conceptual identity, any division, any characteristic.

"Mind is gaplessly integrated with the field of phenomena". I really like this expression. Mind is part of the universe. It is either one with it, or independent of it. To be independent is nonsensical. To be one with the universe means that it loses its self-identity. Mind is nothing but the luminously conditional phenomena. There is only the field of conditioned phenomena, unsubstantial, dependently arisen according to concepts but always dream-like under scrutiny.

Concerning omniscience, I wrote some time ago:

Omniscience entails the profound calming of the complex structures of consciousness we call mind into the very subtle structures of consciousness we call matter. Minds can be seen as islands in the vast ocean of rudimentary conscious matter. Once minds are able of tapping into that grid of universal information, omniscience becomes natural.

Since all phenomena, whether seemingly inert or organic from a macroscopic point-of-view, are in fact intrinsically programmed with intelligence or pure consciousness, there is no solid frontier or unsurmountable threshold to be overcome by the mind when attempting to reach across space in search for information.

A mind reading another mind is impossible if the space and the skulls between them are composed of inert, unconscious or unreactive matter. Yet, if even tiny particles of air, space or flesh and bone are suffused with intelligent openness (the interpenetrative programming allowing their functioning), then there is no ultimate frontier between both minds.

Imagine a world, like ours, made of water and land. Both supply each other with obstacles, preventing one another from moving freely and getting in touch in more of their own substance. However, if there is only water, for example, regardless of its different forms or states, then communication can happen, for everything shares the same nature.
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