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Book recommendation for post anatta:
"john tan commented after reading [redditor who recently realised anatta, Mr. JKB] msgs:
[24/12/21, 1:44:08 AM] John Tan: Next he must understand freedom from all elaborations.
[24/12/21, 9:24:04 AM] Soh Wei Yu: Oic.. any books u think he should start on?
[24/12/21, 9:26:30 AM] John Tan: Not easy, it will be too difficult for him to read mmk. The reason is mmk is not strictly written for the modern ppl but to refute the other buddhist schools and philosophers.
[24/12/21, 9:47:10 AM] Soh Wei Yu: Oic but what to start on? I think greg goode recommended dalai lama how to see yourself as you really are as starter
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[24/12/21, 10:36:40 AM] Soh Wei Yu: Maybe i shld introduce mipham books to him too? Beacon of certainty?
[24/12/21, 10:44:11 AM] John Tan: Yes but will still need to sort out a lot for him. Anatta is just the beginning so it is not easy to understand at a single go. If we do not read the teachings of great masters like Mipham and Tsongkhapa's with a reverent mind, we will be frequently doing "spiritual bypassing" in our reading colored by insights of anatta.
[24/12/21, 10:44:44 AM] Soh Wei Yu: Oic..
[24/12/21, 10:44:58 AM] Soh Wei Yu: For tsongkhapa which books you recommend?
[24/12/21, 10:51:18 AM] John Tan: It is even more difficult to understand Tsongkhapa if ur anatta isn't matured enough to penetrate deeply into the conventional and that includes understanding the energy system of ur body in his tantra teachings. It is more advisable and much more intuitive to progress one's insight from anatta to freedom from all elaborations into spontaneous presence.
[24/12/21, 10:53:26 AM] Soh Wei Yu: Oic..
[24/12/21, 11:08:29 AM] John Tan: ‎This message was deleted.
[24/12/21, 11:14:35 AM] John Tan: There r books all around about gelug's teaching of emptiness as mmk is dominated by gelug's interpretation. It is how u "feel" the heart of his teachings. The only problem I feel is his rejection of "freedom from all elaborations" which imo is a "pivotal insight" as he felt it is dangerous illustrate the view, path, result the way those sudden schools of enlightenment present it as evidenced by those non-dual junkies in FB 🤦🤣. This is not to say he knows nothing abt it🤣. He is just too compassionate and put great effort in making his teachings systematic, logical and step by step without compromising "selflessness", it is a transformative and developmental approach towards liberation.
There r many good books that tell u clearly how appearances should be understood and how non-dual experiences are like for Tsongkhapa. "The two truths debate" (Soh: can refer to this article for a short excerpt: ) will be a good read if u want to understand the non-dual experiences of the gelug. "Self, reality and reason in Tibetan philosophy" is also good. But I think they did not present the freedom of all elaborations correctly or, lots of bias 🤣🤣🤣 same applies to other books. That is y if u do not read with a reverent heart, u will not gain anything and simply "bypass".
[24/12/21, 6:02:47 PM] Soh Wei Yu: Oic..
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Also for a general overview of Mipham's teachings, can read which is also good
Tsongkhapa's Epistemic Nonduality
Tsongkhapa's Epistemic Nonduality
Tsongkhapa's Epistemic Nonduality
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