[12:51 pm, 26/12/2021] John Tan: Meido Moore Teaching is excellent! Just don't look at it from the eye of "freedom from all elaborations". Go watch.
[12:54 pm, 26/12/2021] John Tan: An excerpt of Meido Moore Roshi’s teaching was shared in Yin Ling's story. I managed to find the whole teaching in YouTube.

In this short video, Meido Moore Roshi explains how the body posture, energy winds and the totality of the situation can manifest effortlessly into "total exertion" with clarity and real-time experiential insights. He also distinguishes "I am witnessing, oneness" from anatta and "total exertion".

It is truly insightful and great explanations from start to end, an invaluable gem! Excellent and great teacher!
Soh: Wow.. nice
Where is it ah
I cant find in yin ling profile
[1:20 pm, 26/12/2021] John Tan: In my fb
[1:20 pm, 26/12/2021] John Tan: It is in her story


Kyle Dixon: Yeah Meido is really clear I enjoy his teachings
John Tan commenting on the embodied approach to koans by Meido Moore (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dppsJku6xDA

John Tan: No I have not (watched the video). Will probably watch later. Meiedo Moore has many sharings of important details that without genuine practice, we will not know. His insights are full embodiment of presence into the relative in real-time. If you go through the video I posted on my FB, you will notice his inquiry into "I AM" is not exactly a dissociative type of "I AM" enquiry but an "embodiment enquiry of I AM".

And this is what I emphasized about the mis-reading of Tsongkhapa's writings also. His emphasis is also about the full "embodiment of the conventional - conceptual and language" in our everyday world. Both are equally important."

The 3 integrations of presence are very crucial:

1. Embodiment of presence into the relative world non-conceptually
2. Embodiment of presence into the relative world conceptually and conventionally
3. Embodiment of presence into the energy system of the universe"
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