• When I first started I asked my teacher, “how many hours of practice(meditation) is good ?”
    She told me..
    1 hour a day if you don’t want to regress
    2 hours for small improvement daily
    4 hours optimum
    Then she adds
    Awakening is like becoming a virtuoso violinist 🎻, how many hours do you think is needed?
    Then she added some more
    “I spent a few years working a full time job and practice 6 hours a day, my partner was not happy but I was 😂
    Ps imo an amateur violinist need 2-3 hours a day
    A professional probably 4-5
    Virtuoso probably 6-8
    I need to write and ask Yo-yo Ma how many hours he practise. Lol


    Daniel Lester
    Yes sounds like a lot to the ego, but in reality 3 hrs a day is only 12.5% of an entire day. A small price for massive gains.

    Yin Ling
    Daniel Lester yeah on weekends 6 hours is possible ..
    But I think the key is also consistency

  • Daniel Lester
    Yes i have to admit consistency is not my strong point these days. Just out of curiosity Yin, what is your current meditation practice consisting of? Do you still do your vipassana body scanning?

  • Yin Ling
    Daniel Lester any practise is good 🙂
    I just sit in spaciousness while on cushion, post anatta one can do that. Occasionally contemplate non-self of phenomena but once I intuited it now I just rest my mind in the boundless ness of it.
    Off cushion, I try to bring the “taste” of my meditation, whatever I am doing on cushion, to allow it to seep into activity for eg in the gym in between sets (and not on fb lol), I just rest in appearances or anatta whichever possible at that time.
    A lot is intuitive, I see my weak point then I work on it, bit like gym/piano/ any arts lol

  • Bliss Rizal
    Yes..... In everything we do, PRACTICE indeed makes perfect and when it reaches there, it will be in our SUBCONSCIOUS, thus having an auto-pilot modes.
    like DRIVING, at first, awkward and very very attentive in every details...adrenalin are high then after years of doing it, 'it' drives on its own..... I'm always AMAZE by how accurate I step in the break or turning corner on precise moment when I'm NOT into mindful driving, I usually work ( talking to someone) when I drive.
    also in COOKING, it's AMAZE me for those who are very good in cooking, they are working in AUTO PILOT, 'it' kinds of know what sequence of ingredients or how big the fire it needs or when is the right moment to put the next ingredients WHILE TALKING TO SOMEONE or WATCHING TV SERIES..... is it AMAZING?
    As long as, we have the ATTitude of WHATEVER IT TAKES to reach what we want to reach, holding to our CHOSEN BELIEFS, keeping on with the PRACTICE, be it meditation, be it being a doctor, be it being a dharma teacher, eventually, we will reach it and it becomes auto-pilot too. 😲
    this is on me thinking : those gifted child are perfect samples, I believe in reincarnation so I believe it's just a Continuation on what they're doing on their past lives.

    Yin Ling
    For someone who practise and gain realisations;
    And someone who don’t but just learn intellectually,
    It’s like night and day.
    The one who don’t practise won’t even understand the results of practise.
    Driving and cooking can be seen.
    The dhamma realisations are beyond mind , u can experienced but it’s so hard to write even a word to describe

  • Bliss Rizal
    Yin Ling indeed indeed 😊

  • William Lim
    How do you sit for 3-6 hours? You must have a damn strong back

    Yin Ling
    William Lim lol ok one wor? Don’t feel much pain now.. at the start got some pain but it was at my groin area and the leg feels numb at around 45 mins but slowly it just goes away once the body adapts

  • Jace Min
    Like continuous?or 2x 2hours each is OK? 🫣

    Yin Ling
    Jace Min lol sorry I guess this post is abit extreme , my teacher told me that coz she knows I can handle it,
    As I was doing it full time.
    But her general advice is usually an hour in the morning and an hour at night to Keep the momentum going.

  • Jachym Jerie
    For people who this is not possible, Ive found the practice of continuous mindfulness during the day to be vital. It creates the necessary momentum that can be used in the sits.

    Yin Ling
    Jachym Jerie I agree with u. Even 5-10 mins pause to tune in is beneficial. I sometimes pause for abit in the pantry letting my colleague know I am going to meditate for abit. Most western countries have a “spiritual room” for one to use.

  • Jachym Jerie
    Yeah that's good too. What I meant was to practice awareness. Meaning you are continuously aware of what you are doing without getting lost in the content of what's happening. But it takes a good amount of persistence. However, I found that this practice than makes the meditation time I do get (usually 2h) a lot more effective.

  • Yin Ling
    Jachym Jerie sounds like a good practice 👍🏻👍🏻

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