Yin Ling:

When we say experiential insight in Buddhism, 

It means.. 

A literal transformation of energetic orientation of the whole being, down to the marrow. 

The sound MUST literally hears themselves. 

No hearer. 

Clean. Clear. 

A bondage from the head here to there cut off overnight. 

Then gradually the rest of the 5 senses. 

Then one can talk about Anatta. 

So if for you, 

Does sound hear themselves? 

If no, not yet. You have to keep going! Inquire and meditate.

You haven’t reach the basic insight requirement for the deeper insights like anatta and emptiness yet!

Yin Ling:

Yin Ling: “Realisation is when 

This insight goes down to the marrow and you don’t need even a minute amount of effort for sound to hear themselves. 

It is like how you live with dualistic perception now, very normal, no effort. 

Ppl with Anatta realisation live in Anatta effortlessly, without using thinking to orient. It’s their life. 

They cannot even go back to dualistic perception because that is an imputation, it js uprooted 

At first you might need to purposely orient with some effort. 

Then at one point there is no need.. further along, dreams will become Anatta too. 

That’s experiential realisation. 

There’s no realisation unless this benchmark is achieved!”









what is important is that there is experiential realisation that leads

to an energetic expansion outwards into all the forms, sounds, radiant

universe... such that it is not that you are in here, in the body,

looking outwards at the tree, listening the birds chirping from here

it is just the trees are vividly swaying in and of itself, luminously

without an observer

the trees sees themselves

the sounds hear itself

there is no location from which they are experienced, no vantage point

the energetic expansion outward into vivid manifestation, boundless, yet

it is not an expansion from a center, there is just no center

without such energetic shift it is not really the real experience of no

selfxabir Snoovatar" - https://www.awakeningtoreality.com/2022/12/the-difference-between-experience-of.html


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