Yin Ling: "Doc, do u know any youtube video explaining heart sutra in mandarin which u feel is good? Its for family members who are more inclined with chinese 🙏🏼"

You guys can help? My mandarin resource  is none


IMO, if, they only have time to watch two hours, then maybe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nChqJcfkK4k and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLJPLpPU4y0 

this one is a longer 20 video series https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL68957B0B5EE0A9C6 

Yin Ling: 

Thanks 😁I know you sure got resource haha


intro by john in 2008 lol 

(12:39 PM) Thusness: http://www.tudou.com/playlist/playindex.do?lid=3173479
(12:39 PM) Thusness: non-dual insight.
(12:39 PM) Thusness: not to misunderstand that the master doesn't know what is non-dual or emptiness.
(12:39 PM) Thusness: there is deep clarity. :)

Session Start: Friday, August 22, 2008

(12:29 AM) Thusness: U must watch the second video
(12:29 AM) AEN: which one
(12:29 AM) AEN: the one that explains oneness rite
(12:30 AM) Thusness: And know the difference between Advaita non-dual and buddhism anatta
(12:30 AM) Thusness: Not only that.
(12:30 AM) AEN: u mean the second or third video
(12:31 AM) Thusness: Second and third
(12:31 AM) AEN: btw the video is advaita non dual rite
(12:31 AM) Thusness: Second I watched liao.  
(12:31 AM) AEN: icic
(12:31 AM) AEN: the third one is talking about wat.. momentum?
(12:31 AM) Thusness: The cartoon Yes...
(12:31 AM) AEN: icic
(12:32 AM) Thusness: The second is much deeper.
(12:32 AM) AEN: btw is that still stage based or like stage 2?
(12:32 AM) AEN: u mean the third video?
(12:32 AM) Thusness: The url I posted u.
(12:33 AM) AEN: huh which one
(12:33 AM) AEN: wait ah
(12:33 AM) AEN: the url u posted leads to the chanting :P
(12:33 AM) AEN: the first video
(12:34 AM) AEN: u're talking about the donkey one or wat
(12:34 AM) Thusness: ???? (Yuan Yin Lao Ren)
(12:34 AM) Thusness: No
(12:35 AM) Thusness: the second explanations
(12:35 AM) Thusness: I will watch all of it.
(12:35 AM) AEN: wait
(12:35 AM) Thusness: If I got time.
(12:35 AM) AEN: the one u said is in the same series rite?
(12:36 AM) Thusness: Yes
(12:37 AM) AEN: i cant find what ???? leh :P first one chanting, second one is the oneness, third one is the donkey, fourth is chanting beads
(12:37 AM) AEN: fifth is spider
(12:38 AM) Thusness: Then u posted wrongly on the buddhism forum.
(12:38 AM) AEN: o.0
(12:38 AM) AEN: then what u clicked.. lol
(12:38 AM) AEN: u said in the same series rite?
(12:38 AM) Thusness: Too bad.  He is the level of practitioner I m looking for.
(12:38 AM) Thusness: But dead liao.
(12:38 AM) AEN: oic..
(12:39 AM) AEN: wait
(12:39 AM) AEN: u mean the ???? video is the cartoon series?
(12:39 AM) AEN: i mean
(12:39 AM) AEN: not*
(12:39 AM) Thusness: No
(12:39 AM) Thusness: Not cartoon.
(12:39 AM) AEN: ooh
(12:39 AM) AEN: then i wrong liao
(12:40 AM) AEN: btw the cartoon u said stage 2 understanding but stage 5 experience... then is that pathless?
(12:41 AM) Thusness: No
(12:41 AM) Thusness: The cartoon is not about emptiness
(12:41 AM) AEN: icic
(12:42 AM) Thusness: Some explanations r still ok
(12:42 AM) AEN: but is it pathless or stage like experience
(12:43 AM) Thusness: Not pathless
(12:43 AM) AEN: icic
(12:44 AM) Thusness: That is just my view.
(12:44 AM) Thusness: U just hv to know.
(12:44 AM) AEN: oic..
(12:44 AM) AEN: btw the ???? isit a 20 minute video?
(12:45 AM) Thusness: Longer than that
(12:45 AM) Thusness: Think abt an hour.
(12:46 AM) AEN: aiya u send me wrong URL just now :P
(12:46 AM) AEN: send me back to the cartoon.. hahaha
(12:46 AM) Thusness: If u can understand what he said, u will understand the essence of 5 and 6.
(12:46 AM) AEN: oic..
(12:46 AM) AEN: he also describe stage 6?
(12:47 AM) Thusness: Not describe but direct experience.
(12:47 AM) AEN: icic..
(12:48 AM) Thusness: One that broke the stage 5 and understand 6 but no philosophical concepts
(12:48 AM) Thusness: Direct experience
(12:48 AM) AEN: oic.. u mean he didnt use emptiness as raft?
(12:49 AM) Thusness: I dunno
(12:49 AM) AEN: oic
(12:49 AM) Thusness: Got to listen more.
(12:49 AM) AEN: icic..
(12:50 AM) Thusness: he is the sort of practitioner I seek for.
(12:50 AM) Thusness: Self liberation
(12:51 AM) AEN: oic..
(12:55 AM) Thusness is now Offline
(12:58 AM) AEN: btw the cartoons are not from ???? leh :P
(1:58 AM) AEN: ???? said he go pure land: ??????????????,?????????,?????????? ,??,????????,
(1:58 AM) AEN: btw he vajrayana practitioner?
(2:45 AM) AEN: ahaha last part a bit funny, someone thought he attained enlightenment then call the master, the master told him u havent attain enlightenment yet :P http://www.tudou.com/playlist/playindex.do?lid=1672155&iid=9857580
(2:50 AM) AEN: the master seems to recommend chanting and rebirth in pure land more than meditation
(3:20 AM) AEN: http://www.tudou.com/playlist/playindex.do?lid=1672155&iid=9857580 -- video 19, 14:00 minute onwards, the master talk about shen hsiu's poem on the mirror is still grasping on form, hui neng's poem on mirror without stand is grasping on formless... and he made his own poem, ?????,?????
?????, ?????
(3:22 AM) AEN: ????: ???: ?????? ???????????: ?????! ?????,???????????,?? ???????? ??????????????: ?????,?????? ?????,?????????! ?????,????? ?????,????????????,?????,????,????!???????????????????
(3:40 PM) AEN: btw a few days ago i dreamt that u sent me a online video link and tell me go watch, then 2 days later u really send me a video link.. hahaha
(3:42 PM) Thusness: from non-dual to anatta and to emptiness.  You must have clarity.
(3:42 PM) AEN: icic..
(3:42 PM) AEN: i just finished watching the first video
(3:43 PM) Thusness: the second one is important
(3:43 PM) AEN: oh u finished the part 2?
(3:43 PM) AEN: the one that started with tantric practice one
(3:43 PM) Thusness: then tell me why is it so important
(3:44 PM) Thusness: then u have to refine ur understanding of non-duality from ken wilber and advaita understanding and buddhism approach.
(3:44 PM) Thusness: When u have the experience later, u will know what i meant.
(3:44 PM) Thusness: but it is not easy.
(3:44 PM) AEN: oic..
(3:45 PM) Thusness: no self from the 5 aggregates to 18 dhatus to DO to Empty Luminosity.
(3:45 PM) AEN: icic..
(3:47 PM) AEN: btw u said the 2nd video
(3:47 PM) AEN: isit the one that started about tantric practice
(3:49 PM) Thusness: 36
(3:50 PM) Thusness: yes
(3:51 PM) AEN: ya that one it started discussing about tantric practice
(3:51 PM) AEN: i haven watch yet
(3:57 PM) Thusness has changed his/her status to Idle
(3:58 PM) AEN: i later then watch..
(3:58 PM) Thusness has changed his/her status to Online
(10:58 PM) AEN: the 2nd one is impt cos it incorporates emptiness rite, it talks about non duality but also explains that all forms are empty and impermanent
(11:01 PM) Thusness: Not only that.
(11:01 PM) Thusness: Compare what he said abt stage 6.
(11:03 PM) Thusness: Anyway I wrote something about stage 6.
(11:03 PM) Thusness: For u to have a clearer understanding.
(11:04 PM) Thusness: Why it is very important to have clear understanding of emptiness
(11:05 PM) Thusness: How u should move from non-dual to buddhist anatta, DO and emptiness.
(11:06 PM) AEN: icic.. ok
(11:08 PM) Thusness: After stabilizing non-dual experience, it is very important to establish firm view on Emptiness.
(11:08 PM) AEN: oic..
(11:09 PM) Thusness: Don't be afraid of establishing firm view of emptiness and DO.
(11:10 PM) Thusness: Don't be worried of being non-conceptual.
(11:10 PM) AEN: icic..
(11:11 PM) Thusness: Non-dual experience will lead u to non-conceptuality, to naked awareness naturally.
(11:12 PM) AEN: oic..
(11:13 PM) Thusness: But for prajna wisdom to arise, establish firmly ur understanding of DO and emptiness.
(11:14 PM) AEN: icic..
(11:16 PM) Thusness: After understanding of non-dual experience from the Buddha's teachings of anatta, DO and emptiness.  u will become very clear.
(11:17 PM) AEN: oic..
(11:17 PM) Thusness: It needs few years to understand non-dual from Buddha's teachings.
(11:18 PM) AEN: icic..
(11:18 PM) Thusness: The pre-requisite is a stabilized non-dual experience.
(11:19 PM) AEN: oic ya longchen also realised emptiness after stabilizing his non dual experience and also 2-3 years after first realising non dual rite
(11:22 PM) Thusness: you will understand why impermanence yet no movement correctly.
(11:22 PM) Thusness: Yes...
(11:22 PM) AEN: icic..
(11:24 PM) Thusness: But still need to incorporate non-dual experience into anatta, emptiness and DO.  This will need another 2-3 yrs.
(11:24 PM) Thusness: Will write something about it.
(11:25 PM) Thusness: It is very important.
(11:25 PM) AEN: u mean it will take another 2-3 years after stabilized non-dual experience?
(11:25 PM) AEN: icic..
(11:29 PM) Thusness: after stabilizing non-dual experience for 2y,  another 2-3 yrs r needed to understand emptiness aspect of our non-dual luminosity.
(11:29 PM) AEN: oic..
(11:30 PM) AEN: so longchen is only beginning to understand emptiness and still needs a few years?
(11:30 PM) Thusness: Understand as in direct experience of the DO empty nature.
(11:30 PM) AEN: icic..
(11:30 PM) Thusness: Yes and that is just the beginning
(11:30 PM) AEN: oic
(11:32 PM) Thusness: I told u there will be a period of desync and practitioner will find it easier to rest in naked awareness
(11:32 PM) Thusness: But he will miss something valuable.
(11:33 PM) AEN: icic..
(11:34 PM) Thusness: not many can escape these phases.
(11:34 PM) AEN: oic..
(11:35 PM) Thusness: The video u need to hear a few times.
(11:35 PM) AEN: icic..
(11:35 PM) Thusness: Compare it with the comments on stage 6.
(11:35 PM) AEN: ok
(11:36 PM) Thusness: Know that insight must arise what 'feeling'
(11:37 PM) AEN: icic..
(11:37 PM) Thusness: What is most important in video 2?
(11:38 PM) AEN: emptiness?
(11:39 PM) Thusness: What emptiness?
(11:39 PM) Thusness: Which phrase?
(11:42 PM) AEN: many phrases :P
(11:43 PM) Thusness: Like?
(11:46 PM) Thusness: Don't paste whatever I told in the forum.
(11:46 PM) AEN: ok
(11:46 PM) AEN: i cant remember wat phrase liao
(11:49 PM) Thusness: Within a short video, there are some very important advices that only true practitioner that has intuitive insight
(11:50 PM) AEN: icic..
(11:50 PM) Thusness: Into emptiness and non-dual insight know
(11:50 PM) AEN: oic..
(2:12 PM) Thusness: what is the url for the buddhachat regarding ur conversation with Element?
(2:13 PM) AEN: http://www.buddhachat.org/forum/showthread.php?t=9891&page=6
(2:13 PM) AEN: havent posted since.. no time
(2:13 PM) Thusness: haha...ic. :)
(2:13 PM) Thusness: don't think of longchen non-conceptuality first.
(2:14 PM) Thusness: u should focus on the deepening ur clarity of advaita non-duality to buddhist form of non-duality aka anatta
(2:14 PM) Thusness: then emptiness
(2:15 PM) Thusness: then experience this until the entire teaching of Buddha becomes so clear to u.
(2:15 PM) AEN: icic..
(2:15 PM) Thusness: longchen's phase is also the result after understanding Emptiness
(2:16 PM) Thusness: and that understanding of Emptiness is aligning with his non-dual experiences
(2:16 PM) Thusness: therefore he is into right understanding of stage 6.
(2:17 PM) Thusness: but stage 6 is the right 'view' of non-duality and it has to burn the bonds of the senses first.
(2:17 PM) Thusness: then into non-registration of impressions.
(2:17 PM) Thusness: it is not suitable for u.
(2:17 PM) AEN: oic..
(2:18 PM) Thusness: because his non-dual experiences have stabilized, the understanding of emptiness helps in articulating all his non-dual experiences
(2:18 PM) Thusness: that is the arising of non-dual insight
(2:19 PM) Thusness: later it will become so clear as moment to moment of experience and the subtle 'bond' of the 6 senses gradually dissolve
(2:19 PM) Thusness: into one DO experience.
(2:20 PM) AEN: icic..
(2:20 PM) Thusness: so for you, u should first understand with clarity and know the various subtle stages and clarity of the differences.
(2:21 PM) Thusness: Even after aligning non-dual experience and emptiness view, the dissolving of the bond on each sense organ differs.
(2:22 PM) Thusness: a practitioner starts to walk out of meditation and find it easier to get authenticated in activities
(2:22 PM) Thusness: in opening eyes
(2:22 PM) Thusness: he walks and feel as if as the ground reality
(2:23 PM) Thusness: but when he/she returns to sitting quietly in meditation, that non-dual experience is gone.
(2:23 PM) Thusness: or is not that obvious
(2:23 PM) Thusness: that is what i meant by the subtle bond...
(2:23 PM) AEN: why when sitting the experience is gone
(2:37 PM) Thusness: Actually it is because we become more aware of the 'center'
(2:37 PM) Thusness: that is the 'center' is still there
(2:37 PM) Thusness: that 'center' becomes more obvious when we sit.
(2:38 PM) Thusness: that tendency becomes more obvious.
(2:38 PM) AEN: ooh no wonder u said
(2:38 PM) AEN:

1. There is a mirror reflecting dust. ( I AM )     

     Mirror bright is experienced but distorted.  Dualistic and Inherent seeing.

2. Dust is required for the mirror to see itself.

    Non-Dualistic but Inherent seeing.  (Beginning of non-dual insight)

3. Dust has always been the mirror ( The mirror here is seen as a whole)

   Non-Dualistic and non- inherent insight.
(2:38 PM) AEN: btw the center is just a bond?
(2:38 PM) Thusness: just but the 'bond' is still strong
(2:39 PM) Thusness: there is some points u have to take note.
(2:39 PM) Thusness: a person after stabilizing non-dual experience and understanding emptiness
(2:39 PM) Thusness: is different from one that is not.
(2:40 PM) Thusness: that is, have no fear of establishing firm view on Emptiness especially for a non-dual experiencer
(2:40 PM) Thusness: because it becomes more of a medicine for the deeply held propensity
(2:41 PM) Thusness: the understanding will dissolve into non-conceptual experience of non-dual presence.
(2:42 PM) Thusness: the reason why non-dual experience become more difficult to maintain when not in activity is because Emptiness view has not replaced the deeply held dualistic/inherent view
(2:43 PM) AEN: oic..
(2:43 PM) Thusness: without the right view, a non-dual practitioner will still struggle unknowingly
(2:43 PM) Thusness: and naked awareness and non-conceptuality can at this phase becomes an escape
(2:43 PM) Thusness: so it depends which level a practitioner is in.
(2:44 PM) Thusness: once the view is firmly established, it serves as an antidote, when sitting, touch, taste, sound are emptiness and operate like DO.
(2:45 PM) Thusness: means first is the 5 aggregates, then 18 Dhatus then mere DO
(2:45 PM) Thusness: all are non-dual experience but the depth differs
(2:45 PM) Thusness: i told u about the 5 aggregates are already non-dual insight and experience right?
(2:46 PM) Thusness: then the extra layer of mental formation begin to subside, it stops registering imprints
(2:46 PM) Thusness: or begin to register less
(2:46 PM) Thusness: transforming to 18 dhatus without the mental formation
(2:47 PM) AEN: icic..
(2:47 PM) Thusness: but the previous tendency is still strong
(2:48 PM) Thusness: so sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, mind still act with the tendency
(2:49 PM) Thusness: now at this stage, one can rest in naked awareness or firmly establish the view of emptiness
(2:49 PM) Thusness: it will dissolve the six senses into one DO, empty nature
(2:49 PM) Thusness: just this is that is
(2:49 PM) Thusness: no eyes, ears...
(2:49 PM) Thusness: it is anchored at the deep most level
(2:50 PM) Thusness: practitioner will know it when sitting and opening eyes and all activities is becoming non-dual
(2:50 PM) Thusness: the sense of self almost dissolve
(2:50 PM) Thusness: then experiences become non dual and non local
(2:50 PM) Thusness: that is stage 6.
(2:50 PM) AEN: oic..
(2:51 PM) AEN: what does non local feel like
(2:51 PM) Thusness: it is just a 'bond' that there is locality
(2:51 PM) Thusness: that consciousness is at some place
(2:52 PM) Thusness: it is a clear experience of non-movement and all pervadingness
(2:52 PM) Thusness: yet ceaseless manifestation
(2:52 PM) AEN: the master talked of a story of su dong po went to fo yin chan shi and said something jokingly like why sit on this chair, no good or what.. then the zen master ask him all the 4 greats and 5 skandhas are empty, now tell me where are u sitting?
(2:52 PM) AEN: oic..
(2:53 PM) Thusness: what is no movement?
(2:53 PM) Thusness: there is arising and ceasing but there is no movement
(2:53 PM) Thusness: this is due to empty nature of our non-dual luminosity
(2:53 PM) Thusness: there is no from point A to point B
(2:54 PM) Thusness: there is A, B
(2:54 PM) Thusness: there is only movement when there is a from A to B
(2:54 PM) Thusness: but when the center is gone, non-dual experience align with Emptiness nature, this becomes clear
(2:55 PM) AEN: icic..
(2:55 PM) Thusness: after stabilizing stage 6 is the lou jing tong (from internet: 6. Asavakkaya - Supramundane knowledge or power relating to the destruction of asavas and the recognition of the Four Noble Truths)
(2:56 PM) Thusness: each dissolving of each organ becomes a tong (siddhi)
(2:56 PM) AEN: oic why
(2:56 PM) Thusness: because it becomes non local and non dual
(2:56 PM) AEN: icic..
(2:56 PM) Thusness: the 'bond' that prevents it is gone
(2:57 PM) Thusness: the 'bond' that limits and obstructs is gone
(2:57 PM) AEN: oic..
(2:57 PM) Thusness: but 'bond' is gone is mostly not obvious
(2:57 PM) Thusness: the 'bond' is very subtle
(2:58 PM) AEN: icic..
(2:58 PM) Thusness: so fearlessly open up
(2:58 PM) Thusness: let go of everything
(2:59 PM) AEN: oic..
(2:59 PM) AEN: sometimes v hard to let go leh, haha
(3:00 PM) Thusness: that is because u have not oriented urself totally with Emptiness nature
(3:00 PM) Thusness: this is very important
(3:00 PM) Thusness: but only after non-dual experience one can realise the importance
(3:00 PM) AEN: icic..
(3:00 PM) Thusness: u watch the video of the Master Yuan Yin
(3:01 PM) AEN: ya?
(3:01 PM) Thusness: u cannot grasp the essence?
(3:01 PM) AEN: need to watch again haha
(3:01 PM) Thusness: :)
(3:03 PM) AEN: another day maybe.. studying for exams.. and my mind today not so gd, a bit depressed over certain things.. heh
(3:03 PM) Thusness: work hard
(3:03 PM) Thusness: :)
(3:04 PM) AEN: ok thanks
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