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(9:47 PM) AEN: btw a.h.almaas said

(9:47 PM) AEN:

The level of experience shifts now that there is enough stillness for me to see more clearly. I become aware of this observer in me who is paying attention. I cannot pay attention without somebody paying attention to something. First I think this is ordinary and okay. I learn, however, that this observer is not really needed. The need for an observer is the need for ego to have a center, to make itself into a center of experience. So the observer is really none other than ego, or part of ego. I start seeing that awareness cannot develop more if it is centered. A center of awareness, an observer, always limits awareness, for it is always aware through a certain perspective, a certain point of view, from a certain direction. This somehow has a cramping effect on me. I become more tense instead of relaxed. An observer means there is tension in my awareness, it s not open and free. So I turn my awareness backward and look at the observer. It jumps around, and awareness keeps following it. But awareness never finds any substantial reality to this observer. Regardless of how much I look

(9:47 PM) AEN: Regardless of how much I look there is really no observer. Sometimes it feels that it is only a thought, or an idea, or a place in my body, or a belief in its existence, but never a consistent identity. Not finding this observer makes it less real. The center of awareness relaxes its tense grip on my awareness. The ego-center, or the observer in this case, relaxes, spreads thinner, and slowly dissolves into the stillness. There is no more need for an observer.

Only stillness is left fresh, clear, crisp and empty. Thoughts pass through it. Emotions pass through it. Experiences pass through it. But the stillness stays immaculate, just as the clear sky stays untouched as the clouds pass through it.

The winds blow

The rivers flow

The fires gnaw

But stillness is still still.

(9:47 PM) AEN: this is stage 5?

(9:49 PM) Thusness: not yet

(9:49 PM) Thusness: :)

(9:49 PM) Thusness: near to it.

(9:49 PM) AEN: oic

(9:49 PM) Thusness: time to go into non-dual.

(9:49 PM) AEN: stage 4?

(9:49 PM) AEN: oic

(9:49 PM) Thusness: it is good that he reads the hi everyone thread.

(9:49 PM) AEN: huh??

(9:49 PM) AEN: a.h.almaas? LOL

(9:49 PM) Thusness: who is he?

(9:49 PM) AEN: a.h.almaas wrote it

(9:50 PM) AEN: u thought is who? lol

(9:50 PM) AEN:

(9:50 PM) AEN: last time u show us one

(9:50 PM) Thusness: ehehe i don't know who is a.halmaas

(9:50 PM) Thusness: lol

(9:50 PM) AEN: u sure anot?

(9:50 PM) AEN: last time u show us this article.. hehe

(9:50 PM) Thusness: oh...

(9:50 PM) Thusness: hahaha

(9:50 PM) Thusness: yeah...but still not there yet

(9:50 PM) Thusness: i did say it is very buddhist like but not there yet

(9:50 PM) Thusness: lol

(9:51 PM) AEN: haha icic

(9:51 PM) AEN: stage 4 isit

(9:51 PM) Thusness: can say so lah

(9:51 PM) AEN: icic

(9:51 PM) Thusness: not yet stage 5


(Note: ah almaas seems to have realised anatman and total exertion in recent years and his new videos and books seem quite well written)

Imo the above by almaas back in 70s is just impersonality, not nondual or anatta

I said the same things in my I AM phase

So not everyone that said no observer is experiencing nondual, most often its not

I told XX months ago: 


真正的无我,觉就像风和吹,知和所知也只是别名,只有一切的动态展现在知而并无知者,dynamic process rolls and knows without knower


The translation of the given Chinese text is:

"When I was in my true self (I AM stage), I also mentioned that there's observation without an observer. This means there's no 'small self' observing, but there's the 'greater self' or the 'cosmic entity' that perceives. I later realized this isn't the case either. So I think naimin perceives 'observation without an observer' as 'no small self observing, but there's the greater self/cosmic substratum that is the substance of awareness which is perceiving.'

The real selflessness, awareness is like the wind and the blowing, knowing and the known are just different names (conventional designations without real referents), only the dynamic display that is knowing but without a knower, dynamic process rolls and knows without knower."

Note: The translation aims to capture the philosophical depth of the original text, but there may be nuances in interpretation.


Also see:


Saugat Mainali
Description matches with what is happening to me since 2 days. I guess i am in stage 4 as well.
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