[10:40 PM, 7/2/2020] Soh Wei Yu: https://youtu.be/USyvMGClNdY
[10:40 PM, 7/2/2020] Soh Wei Yu: Nice talk by alan watts on net of indra and total exertion
[10:53 PM, 7/2/2020] John Tan: Yes very good... Like the success
[11:24 PM, 7/2/2020] John Tan: Because we r so used to seeing and understanding from a truly objective world excluding consciousness from the equation or a subsuming consciousness which is just the other end of the pole.

Similarly, we may think that we have to "get out" of conventionalities and be non-conceptual, non-dual, non-local and live in vivid vibrancy prior to separation.

We think that the conventional world and the non-dual, non-conceptual must b mutually exclusive.

What is the sound of one hand clapping in a fully and completely engaged conventional world?

When u move not a single step away from concepts and names, conventions and forms, what is that taste of one hand clapping like? Can u identify it?
[11:28 PM, 7/2/2020] John Tan: But that is not to tell u to keep engaging in conceptual thoughts...lol
[11:44 PM, 7/2/2020] John Tan: Sound makes ear, the ear and the ear makes sound, the sound.  No sound, no ear. Neither prior nor after.
This u understand.

But what about Dogen hits a bell, soh hears it? How intimate and how deep have u embraced it?

[11:47 AM, 7/3/2020] John Tan: There r at least 5 phases of total exertion.  Each is a deepening.
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