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Yesterday you whatsapps me and told me that Jax has left your Dharma Connection group, I can sense your little disappointment.  :)

The reason why he left is obvious, his message and what he attempted to point out wasn’t adequately addressed and appreciated.  Although you have gone through phase 1 insight (7 phases of my journey), the depth and intensity of this realization may differ therefore you may be not be able to fully appreciate his passion.

So what is exactly is lacking?  It is that direct pointing right to the centre of the heart beyond all verbalization, that you have undoubtedly seen, tasted and realized “Awareness”.  It is the flair that mystics penetrate beyond forms, situations, conditions, all arbitrary opinions and communicates directly about this realization.  If you were able to do it, the exchange would have been more fruitful.  Let this be a learning experience.

So what is the realization about?

The realization that “Awareness” is of a different dimension.  It is a touch of “Spirit”, a taste of “Divinity”, not of the dimension of earth, water, space, fire and wind (However as I have pointed out it should not be treated as beyond and needless once seen through).

The knowledge of this is gnosis.  It is not a mere experience or simply the radiance of “knowingness” nor is this expounded in Madhyamaka.

It is not just an experience, it is not just merely non-dual, it is a taste of what that is more ‘real’ than ‘real’.

How can this die and subject to change for this is the very source of life itself.

This is the “heart” of Zen in the wholehearted smile of Maha Kashyapa.  This is the direct realization of “Buddha” beyond experience and verbalization.

Jax’s message is centered on this and an awakening is the awakening to this dimension, the deepest core of one’s beingness and existence.  Purged of this, nothing is worth to be termed “enlightenment”.  This is the whole message that Jax is carrying (imo).

How is this related to “Rigpa”?  I have no idea as I am not a practitioner in Dzogchen but definitely it is the “heart” of Zen.  This is what that triggers the journey and ends the journey.

On the other hand, your emphasis is on anatta.  An equally important insight and is the key of Buddhist’s enlightenment.  Divorcing this insight in expense of any other realizations can hardly be termed “Buddhist’s awakening” and prajna wisdom is the full maturing of this insight.

I wrote this because for readers that have not awaken to what Jax is pointing appear confusing.  As for you, you will have to be more skillful in integrating them.

In any case neither of these insights should be overlooked.  The realization that Jax emphasized is precious but to grasp the breadth and depth of this priceless jewel requires far more than that in one's spiritual journey.  It requires the awakening of prajna wisdom to pierce into the deepest depth of duality and inherency.  There is nothing that needs to be done yet there is so much “doing” during the “undoing” process due simply to a mistaken view.  This simple mistaken view is so powerfully hypnotic that requires the birth of a Buddha to expound the truth of it so not to underestimate it.

Homage to Buddha


Update by AEN:

I asked Thusness: The taste of spirit is not limited only to the formless mind/thought realm but can be found in all senses too isn't it?

Thusness: Yes. Go through it... and contemplate to balance and refine your insights.

Me: Then why do you say it is different from the radiance of the earth etc? I'd see it as the equal taste as I told Piotr. I think Actual Freedom has similar experience yet can't recognise the equal taste in I AM [mind/thought realm], whereas I AM practitioners may not recognise the equal taste in senses.

Thusness: I did not say [that the taste can't be seen in all manifestation] but I said that is Jax's heart of realization. Updated to clarify.

Me: I see. What do you mean by needless once seen through. Needless to seek beyond?

Thusness: Yes only when view is dualistic and inherent it appears so. But that quality and dimension of realization must remain.

p.s. Link to Jackson Peterson's site:

11/4/13 4:43:58 PM: Soh Wei Yu: Piotr asked how is this not reification:
11/4/13 4:44:57 PM: Soh Wei Yu: How can this die and subject to change for this is the very source of life itself.
11/4/13 5:01:45 PM: John Tan: That is reification and self view
11/4/13 5:01:56 PM: John Tan: Eternalist view
11/4/13 5:06:45 PM: John Tan: It is easy to get overwhelmed and amplified by the realization.  Therefore view is imp.
11/4/13 5:18:23 PM: John Tan: A person with inherent and dualistic view will find it difficult to overcome that realization unless one arises another insight that is more overwhelming without the taste and flavor of the "absolute".  Then gradually refine the view through experience and faith in Dharma. 

11/4/13 5:48:38 PM: John Tan: It is not easy to overcome as I told piotr for jax's case.  Imagine if u were to talk to someone like Ramana Maharishi.

11/4/13 5:55:18 PM: John Tan: The overcoming has been tough for me too.  It is not a smooth path ... At least not as smooth as

 Thusness wrote to Jax:

Hi Jax, Despite all differences we may have about lower yanas, no practices needed, Absolute…I really appreciate ur zealous attempt to bring this message into view and I agree with u wholeheartedly on this aspect of “transmission”. If one truly wants this essence to be “transmitted”, how can it be otherwise? For what that is to be passed is truly of different dimension, how can it be adulterated with words and forms? The ancient teachers are extremely serious observing and waiting for the right condition to pass the essence unreservedly and wholeheartedly. So much so that when the essence is transmitted, it must boil the blood and penetrate deep into the bone marrow. The entire body-mind must become one opening eye. Once open, everything turns “spirit”, mind intellect drops and what’s left is aliveness and intelligence everywhere! Jax, I sincerely hope u well, just don’t leave trace in the Absolute. Gone! :)
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