“Oneness is experienced at the level that I call the heart. While the experience of oneness is transformational and profound, it is not itself the experience of no-self, it is the experience of unified, or universal self—self as everything and everyone. The falling away of self is a falling away of even oneness into what is prior to unity. The trajectory is from self experiencing itself as ego, to self experiencing itself as oneness, to self dropping away altogether. What is left cannot be described, because all descriptions are only relevant in terms of their opposites. And beyond self there is no opposite, not even unity or oneness, silence or presence. There is nothing that can be said about it, not even that it is freedom. Where all words fail, that’s where it exists. It is the Pearl beyond price, and it is the only thing that is ever happening or ever could happen. I am not being purposely obscure, I am actually being as direct and concrete as I can.”

“The falling away of self means both the falling away of self and Self, as in True Self. It is beyond both individual self and universal self. And yes, it is beyond all distinctions, categorizations, and descriptions. One cannot open the door to no-self by any means, but one can stop holding the door closed. That is all that is required.”

“It probably sounds pretty bad to have the divine state fall away, and it can be experienced as quite a profound loss. But such a loss is necessary in order for self to fall away and what is beyond self to reveal itself. The problem with the word “self ” is that it is often associated with ego, which it is not. Self as I am using the term is not the ego at all. Self is what enables you to experience the ego state, and the non-ego state alike—as well as divinity, inwardness, outwardness, separation, and unity. All of these experiences happen within, to, and because of self. Self can go from being experienced as profound separation to being experienced as the universal “I am.” It can experience itself as either a separate ego or as God. So self is quite an amazing function. But self does have its limits and it does come to an end. What comes after self is what I am attempting to clarify through this course. Not in order to set up something more to chase, but because more people will be going through this transition in the near future. No-self is not simply an insight after all, and my hope is that this course will be a helpful companion along the way.”

“Self-consciousness is the last form of identity to go, and what goes with it is all the spiritual states of consciousness as well. One of the main reasons why so few people fully make this transition is that they will not let go of all forms of self consciousness and the wonderful forms of expanded experience and identity that go with them. When the “divine within” falls away forever, the movement toward the permanent falling away of self has begun. We only let go completely when we are completely ready to, with no qualifications”

“The question here for you is, what exists in the absence of self ? Not simply in the conceptual absence, as we hear so much silly talk about in modern spirituality, but in the actual lived absence. The absence or emptiness of literally everything reveals the true nature of everything. And the true nature of everything is not only its emptiness but also the true nature of its form, of its existence. From eternity’s point of view, everything is itself; nothing is perceived as either emptiness or form, as existing or not existing. Each moment IS eternity, each thing IS eternity. From the human point of view, this may sound nice but it can in fact be quite stark and shocking. But seen from eternity’s eyes, it all looks quite different.”
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