[9:22 AM, 10/6/2019] John Tan: Post anatta, there is a phase where experience can turn very "physical", that is why I told you de-construct "physicality". There isn't background yet there are clearly all those external "things" that are solidly and concretely "real". Like "I AMness", the external "things" seem so undeniable.

Therefore at this phase, anatta is limited to no self, no background, only aggregates and one can experience a concretely external world in constant interaction with aggregates forming into the 18 dhatus.

Then when we engage into the teaching of emptiness, "physicality" gets deconstructed, phenomena too are realised to b empty. So what does that mean?

It is not about the cessation of those we conventionally called "things"; not the sudden disappearance of diversities into a whole. Therefore it is not a subsuming either into an integrated wholeness.

Then what is it? How should the view be like to re-integrate this anatta "experience" if we were to do away with the dualistic and substantialist view?

Such integration and re-orientation of "view" with the new found anatta insight and experience are not a one day event or a year or a decade...it is an ongoing continuous refinement as the dualistic and substantialist paradigm runs very deep.

It involves a phase where you are able to deconstruct the meaning and definition of conventional "things" and existence and relook at experience. This is not a "non-conceptual" state where practitioner is unable to differentiate left from right or a lost of diversities or even subsuming into a one whole oneness.

It is a phase post anatta and one begin to taste the six entries and exits in a new deconstructed way without subsuming and with diversities intact, without background. Neither this, nor that; neither internal nor external; neither caused nor uncaused, neither exist nor not exist… beyond extremes… that is where practitioner begin to genuinely appreciate the view of DO and Emptiness into the anatta experience and the phases of experiential insights. That is the beginning of the integration of view, experience and realization.

Most confusions arise because we are too used to analysing things in isolation and separation. Either we exclude awareness when analysing thing or we subsume everything into one, that is the karmic tendency of essence view… once we realize this habit and see the flaw of it, the mind will b willing to drop such paradigm and become open. If the world is seen and experienced from a perspective that is never divorce from awareness and there is no background and conventional things are de-constructed, look into your experience right now and tell me, what is it like when you experience conventional existence.

[12:59 PM, 10/6/2019] Soh Wei Yu: Like reflections.. dynamic and functioning but unfindable and without essence. Also when I say leg is aching I dont think true existence of leg and aching is located somewhere inside the leg. It's just dependently originating sensations conventionally called leg pain that's all.. vivid but empty

[1:02 PM, 10/6/2019] John Tan: We were trained to think and analyse otherwise. Therefore heart sutra says 远离一切颠倒梦想。

[1:03 PM, 10/6/2019] Soh Wei Yu: Ic.. yea

[1:03 PM, 10/6/2019] John Tan: Yes correct. Therefore this dynamic functioning without essence without dimension unfindable is expressed in the view of DO [dependent origination] and emptiness. Totally exerted but nothing real. Like water reflections.
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