(Thoughts are neither arising and ceasing, nor non-arising and non-ceasing, rather it is directly realized to be non-arising because of dependent origination)

~ 2014

Whatever manifests (dharma/appearances/phenomena/pure sensory experiences) is directly realized to be non-arising because of dependent origination.

~ 2014


Je Tsongkhapa wrote the text "In Praise of Dependent Origination" (Available Here) the day after he realized Dependent Origination and Emptiness.

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For you, when one sees emptiness
In terms of the meaning of
dependent origination,
Then being devoid of intrinsic existence and
Possessing valid functions do not contradict.
Whereas when one sees the opposite,
Since there can be no function in emptiness
Nor emptiness in what has functions,
One falls into a dreadful abyss, you maintain.
Therefore in your teaching
Seeing dependent origination is hailed;
That too not as an utter non-existence
Nor as an intrinsic existence.
The non-contingent is like a sky flower,
Hence there is nothing that is not dependent.
If things exist through their essence, their dependence on
Causes and conditions for their existence is a contradiction.
“Therefore since no phenomena exist
Other than origination through dependence,
No phenomena exist other than
Being devoid of intrinsic existence,” you taught.
“Because intrinsic nature cannot be negated,
If phenomena possess some intrinsic nature,
Nirvana would become impossible
And elaborations could not be ceased,” you taught. 
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