Question about "distance" for those who realized anatta:
Having now seen through the illusion of distance, what is the best way to help others see through the illusion of distance? What do you think is the best analysis/metaphor to help someone finally see "distance" as unreal?

  •     Soh Wei Yu
        Just a few suggestions and others have also contributed great suggestions…
        1) where is the border/gap/line of division/distance between awareness and appearance? Collapses awareness and appearance into nondual thus demolishing distance
        2) is there a seer or a seeing besides colors or hearer and hearing besides sound? Collapses subjectivity through anatta thus removing distance
        3) is there such thing as an unheard sound or unseen colors coming into the field of your hearing or vision, or are sounds always heard and none other than hearing, and hearing none other than sound, and colors are always seen to begin with? Would appearance appear without the element of awareness and would awareness be called awareness without the appearance awared?
        Lee Sanderson
        Ask yourself what is being referenced when the idea of distance arises?
        Distance requires a reference point, most probably a centre/self. Realise that no sensation can be aware of another sensation and that the visual field is just colours and shapes not separate objects (that's just thought).
        Alan Smith
        Angelo Grr's non-duality videos are what helped me begin to see thru the illusion of distance (pre-Anatta). There's a playlist for nonduality, which is good:
        Non Duality | Right Where It Is
        Non Duality | Right Where It Is
        Non Duality | Right Where It Is

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