John Tan: "Don't be dogmatic, don't be a bookworm.
There r limitless treasures behind the bars of rigid structures and artificial boundaries.
An enlightening article by Tarthang Tulku."
The dynamic set in motion through inquiry can be so powerful that the history of past thought merges with the reality of present experience and the future of boundless expectations.
Inquiry unfolds into intimacy in a process that heals as it reveals.
The power of exploration can bring into play the being of the one who explores, together with all that appears.
No matter what point presents itself for investigation, it becomes possible to go beyond it, and eventually to go beyond the structure that gives 'points' as 'topics' for investigation.
In the rhythms of conventional observation, the restless motion of the eyes mirrors the restless momentum of the world that the senses disclose. It is as though the eyes were constantly at work, constructing the world in accord with the fabrications and interpretations of a knowledge that knows no way out.
What would happen if we saw with new eyes, gazing steadily and openly at what is presented? What if we refrained from projecting the image onto what is seen, and from 'making sense' of what appears?
Prior to models, such a seeing could accommodate countless interpretations without being fixed or limited to any specific view. It could discover hidden worlds, moving in different rhythms, illuminated in a light not previously seen.
Source: Knowledge of Time and Space
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