[12/11/23, 5:08:04 PM] Soh Wei Yu: Everything feels like this, an appearing absence lol https://youtu.be/ilHJzyZTr3U?si=ZT2rYwqvEJvWR9BH
[12/11/23, 5:45:35 PM] John Tan: Nice👍
[17/12/23, 6:58:27 PM] Soh Wei Yu: Earlier today i was awoken by a sound.. then it was intuited the sound is not something somewhere, has no location, no origin, no coming and no going, mere dependent origination

When looking at seaside sea waves it occurs to me the sea waves was also a good example of dependent origination

Under imputation it appears sea waves are one thing that moves from one location to another (ultimately the sea shore). When seen carefully the sea wave is not actually one thing but actually countless of tiny waves and each moment of the waving patterns look entirely different. So one moment of wave and next moment of wave are neither the same nor different but dependently originates. Every moment of waving is merely the dependent origination of all factors and consciousness dependently originating as the mere luminous appearance without anything there, no coming, no going, no arising, no abiding and no cessation ‎<This message was edited>
[17/12/23, 7:21:38 PM] John Tan: Quite good.  Dependent arising is to help us overcome essence view.  We don't really understand what freedom from "essence", normally we use essential view to understand what is non-essential.  When we keep practicing seeing emptiness and DO, everything turns insubstantial, essenceless without substance, intimate and seamless...from there on, u should quit "thinking" but learn to "feel" and sense directly and effortlessly. Taste radiance as appearances and no more "analyse" about it.

The language that structures  into subject-action-object is a clumsy and not a suitable way to express radiance, but that doesn't mean there is no way to express at all, it is just imo complex.  Like I told u before, mathematics is also a form of language that can allow us to understand patterns in a much deeper and flexible way.  But if one is untrained, it is difficult to communicate in that form of language or communicate like dogen.
[17/12/23, 7:24:03 PM] John Tan: Radiance is so mystical and magical, don't frame it with anything.  Once anatta matures, use ur entire body-mind to feel it's dynamism.

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