Trying the poetic capabilities of chatgpt.. still cant really get the poem right but lazy to tweak it further.

In the mind's light, where appearances play,

Unlocatable and radiant, in a vibrant array.

Essenceless, like reflections in a stream,

Non-arising, in this luminous dream.

Dependent origination, the dance of the seen,

Vivid yet essenceless, like a moonlit sheen.

No true arising, no solidified state,

Just a play of light, both simple and great.

In this realm, no seer stands alone,

Just the seen, in a spectrum shown.

Wondrously ordinary, yet profoundly free,

Where luminous meets the everyday, effortlessly.

Each vision, from sky to bird in flight,

Radiates in nonduality, both day and night.

Alive in each moment, yet inherently serene,

A display of emptiness, in a vibrant scene.

In seeing, just the seen, a revelation deep,

Where nothing truly exists, not even a leap.

No seer, no seeing, and crucially, nothing seen,

Like moon reflections, serene and keen.

A manifestation without essence, a dance so bright,

In the nature of mind, a radiant sight.

Not nihilism, but a truth so keen,

In the heart of appearance, nothing truly seen.




André A. Pais
Except for the repetition of "keen" towards the end, I liked it very much!

  • Soh Wei Yu
    Yeah many repetitions of 'keen' and 'seen' in this one. lol
    ChatGPT wrote me this poem earlier this year: 
    Language's Web
    “ChatGPT is more poetic than me:

    In the dance of words and thoughts,
    A thinker thinks, a seer sees,
    But language's web, a veil it weaves,
    For in the wind that gently blows,
    No separate wind or blowing knows.

    A river flows, no river found,
    Just flowing, ever boundless sound,
    Seeing is the seen, no more,
    No seer lurking, watching o'er.

    In every moment, ceaseless change,
    Reality's vast, unending range,
    The seer, the seen, the very thought,
    Are one, their separation naught.

    In thunder's roar, or lightning's flash,
    No agent hides, no separate clash,
    Awareness, like the burning fire,
    Is transient's endless, vibrant choir.

    In realization, dualities fade,
    No knower, known, no separate stage,
    Appearances and cognition, too,
    No boundaries, undivided view.

    In waking life and mundane tasks,
    No separate self, no questions asked,
    The universe in walking, driving,
    Boundless, centerless, ever thriving.

    So let the world in vivid hues,
    Unveil its radiant, wondrous truth,
    No center, reference, or divide,
    In seamless dance, all forms abide.”


      Soh Wei Yu
      Luminous Wisdom-Reflection

      Luminous heart ocean, is boundless scenes,
      Within the view, only sights, essence-free.

      No standalone observer, scene is self-knowing,
      Ordinary marvels, endlessly they span.

      Sky, tree, bird-song, in nondual rhyme,
      Alive without self, all embraced by the sky.

      In seeing, just the seen, wisdom's way,
      No mind-object duality, beyond realm's gate.

      Moon's reflection in water, luminously present,
      Heart's nature is empty clarity, light's essence evident.


    In the Realm of Awakening

    In the land where dreams and waking blend,
    A journey towards truth, with no defined end.
    Why seek awakening? You might inquire,
    It's a quest for light, an undying fire.

    A gift unparalleled, I boldly claim,
    In its pursuit, much to gain.
    In the awakening path, the choice is vast,
    Between peace and the contrasts that last.

    Let me offer you a glimpse, oh so rare,
    Of a world beyond dreams, beyond compare.
    Direct realization, pure and profound,
    Where truth is found, beyond mind's bound.

    Imagine a life, in effortless flow,
    No 'I' to grasp, no ego to show.
    Where self dissolves, in clarity's bright light,
    A marvel of life, so clear and right.

    In this awakening, the world vibrantly alive,
    Vivid, intense, where true joys thrive.
    Colors and sounds, in perfect clarity,
    A universe singing, in endless rarity.

    A fairy-tale realm, free from all dismay,
    Each moment anew, in boundless play.
    Amidst chaos, a sustaining peace,
    Where fearlessness in life's twists never ceases.

    A world so pure, untouched by strife,
    Each detail sparkling, with vivifying life.
    Boundless, infinite, in seamless day,
    Awakened life, a lucid, graceful ballet.

    Like Blake's cleansed doors of perception,
    The universe in pure, luminous reflection.
    Mountains and stars, not a hairbreadth away,
    In this boundless dance, we joyfully sway.

    Mahayana's sutras, now so clearly seen,
    The earth as pure land, forever serene.
    Tantra's wisdom, in every sight,
    This world, in Buddha's wondrous light.

    Freedom from imagined boundaries, so vast,
    A dance of life, brilliantly cast.
    A body unconfined, by division's illusion,
    In awakened state, a harmonious fusion.

    Better than peaks, in meditative trance,
    Or psychedelic hues, in fleeting glance.
    Vivid existence, leaving no trace,
    Like wind and waves, in cosmic embrace.

    In seeing, just sceneries, self-knowing, so bright,
    No seer, no thinker, just luminous light.
    A true account, of the awakened way,
    Words striving to express, what they can barely say.

    A fragment of truth, in these lines so keen,
    Beyond words, the gateless Zen, unseen.
    So seek this path, with heart sincere,
    For in awakening, life's beauty becomes clear.

    A journey of spirit, in truth's embrace,
    In the realm of awakening, find your true grace.


    Bahiya Sutta: In the Seamless Realm of Pure Perception

    In the seen, just the seen, clarity's embrace,
    In the heard, only the heard, a simple grace.
    In the sensed, merely the sensed, in every place,
    In the cognized, simply the cognized, not a trace.

    The Buddha's teaching to Bahiya, clear and profound,
    "There's no thing here," where wisdom is found.
    In this seamless realm, where no self is bound,
    Duality and inherent self, both unground.

    The seen is the seeing, no seer to contend,
    No division, no duality, on this we depend.
    Seeing itself, indistinguishable from the seen,
    Knowingness is merely the display, pristine and clean.

    No trio of seer, seeing, seen, in the fray,
    In direct experience, where clarity holds sway.
    Illusions of separation, inherent existence at bay,
    Dispelled, revealing the truth's own way.

    Pristine consciousness, an empty expanse,
    Like 'weather', a term for rain's dance.
    No essence of its own, just a happenstance,
    Luminous manifestation, the only stance.

    No lightning but flash, no wind but its course,
    No water but flowing, from no source.
    In this reality, actions without force,
    Luminous manifestation, the only discourse.

    River flowing, wind blowing, seen as seeing,
    Scenery sees, sound hears, in pure presencing.
    In this realization, no self for decreeing,
    In pure perception's realm, truly freeing.

    Only verbs, in a world vast and clear,
    No self to build, no shadow to fear.
    In realization, liberation's cheer,
    In pure perception's realm, we revere.

    In this view, both separation and self dissolve,
    Consciousness not a substrate, forms that evolve.
    Never arisen, just displays that revolve,
    In the seamless realm of pure perception, we solve.

    No being, just presencing, a constant flow,
    In the realm of pure perception, we come to know.
    A world without a seer, no self to show,
    Just the seamless dance, in its eternal glow.

    In the Essence of Awakening

    A friend once inquired, with curiosity alight,
    "What's the feel of awakening, in its height?"
    I replied, "In this state, profound and bright,
    No self, no body, just an infinite sight.

    When I'm driving, no driver's essence,
    Just roads and trees in coalescence.
    An endless field, self-experiencing, immense,
    No distance, no 'me here,' just pure presence.

    In this awakening, details vividly stand out,
    Textures and details, without a doubt.
    Presencing, as if consciousness takes a new route,
    Out of body, into the world, without a scout.

    No knower behind, just experience so clear,
    Each moment, each sensation, strikingly near.
    Vivid experience, a dance so dear,
    When self dissolves, truth does appear.

    Curiosity about travel then came to be,
    "If there's no locality, why the need to see?"
    Non-locality, I explained, isn't about being free
    To teleport, but about experiencing reality.

    Specific conditions give rise to each sight,
    Not bound by essence, but by light's might.
    Each appearance, a result of conditions' flight,
    Manifesting vividly, day and night.

    Like moon on water, a reflection's dream,
    Phenomenal appearances, a constant stream.
    No intrinsic essence, just a transient beam,
    Emerging from conditions, a luminous theme.

    Upon waking, sounds herald the day's start,
    Birds chirping, fans humming, an art.
    No 'I' to be found, just a world apart,
    An endless field where experiences impart.

    Presencing stands out, textures so vivid,
    In an awakened state, nothing is rigid.
    The world itself walks, a sight splendid,
    No 'I' walking, just experience blended.

    In this realm, each detail comes alive,
    With no trace of self, sensations thrive.
    An infinite field where perceptions dive,
    Truth revealed, in awakening's hive."
    Before birth, Who am I?

    In the realm of inquiry, where thoughts entwine,
    A question profound, in silence, divine.
    "Before birth, who am I?" the seeker's call,
    A journey inward, beyond the mind's wall.

    In Zen's quiet echo, a koan takes flight,
    Unraveling self, in the stillness of night.
    The chirp of a bird, the rustling tree,
    A portal to the Source, through inquiry, we see.

    "Who hears this sound?" the quest begins,
    As ego recedes, the spirit within.
    Not in thoughts, but in Awareness true,
    The essence of Being comes into view.

    A space wide-awake, featureless, vast,
    Before all sound, unshadowed, and vast.
    A radiant void, where perceptions meet,
    In this silent expanse, consciousness greets.

    Tracing back to the Source, a luminous trail,
    An undeniable Presence, where words fail.
    Questions arise, yet in stillness, dissolve,
    In the core of Awareness, mysteries resolve.

    A Certainty of Being, untouched by doubt,
    In clear knowingness, truth echoes out.
    "I AM," the realization, profound and bright,
    A beacon of clarity, in the soul's night.

    In the practice of inquiry, a path unfolds,
    Where the mind's illusions gently dissolve.
    To see with clarity, beyond thought's maze,
    In the presence of now, truth's clear gaze.

    "Before birth, who am I?" the koan endures,
    In the heart of silence, the Source assures.
    A journey inward, to the essence, so pure,
    In this quest of self, the spirit's allure.

    So ponder with depth, let stillness guide,
    To the unspoken answer, where truths reside.
    For in the heart of silence, wisdom's embrace,
    In the Source through inquiry, find your place.
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