Reality for this being.
Date: 11/4/22
Sitting in the garden 🪴
The body blend into the whole scenery,
Energy is expanded,
No more just in the body,
A bird fly by,
It has the same beingness as
The body, the sky and the trees 🙂
Like the trees with green and brown,
My body is not any special.
Red and brown pants,
Skin colour,
That’s about it.
An appearance.
Like a bird, like a tree.
You can’t find me in my body 🙂
In this vast ocean of beingness,
Nothing stands out,
No privilege is given to any one thing,
It’s all equal, with similar nature.
They are neither the same, nor different from each other.
We can’t say being, or non being,
We also can’t say existence nor non existence.
Can’t even say mind or not mind, physical or not physical.
All elaborations cease when self is seen through.
What is their nature then?
Some ppl call it thusness, suchness, it ness , that ness, buddhas nature, Rigpa, wisdom,
Because there is no precedent of this nature in our standard way of perception.
This is a new way of perceiving,
Where each phenomena, each sound, touch, sight, feelings, emotions has an intrinsic knowingness to it, right in it.
It is almost a coalesce of
physical and mental,
dependent origination and emptiness, positive and negative,
yin and Yang,
And that’s saying too much.
Not a particle in the whole world is excluded of this nature.
Empty yet full
Empty yet functional.
It is functional bec it is empty.
The 2 truths is actualised when the direct experiencing of this nature happens. It is Buddha’s nature
Radical. Yet miraculous.
Everything is.
Sometimes the world can be a blade of grass,
Sometimes the world can be the galaxy,
The manifestation of this whole empty emanation is us, it is our empty clarity.
We don’t experience it.
There is no experiencer,
We are the experience which experiences.
We are all the experiences in the world
There really is nothing to do.
No where to go.
Whatever we do the whole doing is us
Wherever we go the whole going is us
In perfect stillness manifestation appears due to conditions
Like a 🌈 it is not out there, yet seen,
There never is birth, hence never will be death.

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