Thank you Yin Ling for answering to my request.

    Finally sit down and go through my libraries and listed down the books I personally love, both dharma and dharma related.
    I won’t categorise them bec I really do not think in category when I buy or read. All of them contributed to my insight and learning in its own way. If I feel it’s too much for me I put it aside and come back to it again when I have new insight, things usually open up. That’s how I read.
    A lot of theravada books I didn’t list, coz I read them early in the path say before 2019-2020.. I don’t remember clearly so I won’t list them.
    Pls also recommend me some books if not in the list. Much appreciated 🙂.
    Book recommendations (Dharma)
    1. Awakening to reality e-book guide written by Soh Wei Yu in his blog
    2. seeing that frees Rob Burbea
    2. How to see yourself as you truly are HHDL
    3. Clarifying the natural state DTN
    4. Awake Angelo DiLullo MD
    5. The method of no method Chan master Sheng Yen
    6. The sun my heart TNH
    7. Buddhahood without meditation
    8. Death Joan tollifson
    9. Royal seal of Mahamudra 1 and 2
    10. Enjoying the ultimate TNH
    11. Awakening the heart (sutra commentary) by TNH
    12. Hakuin on Kensho commentary by Albert low
    13. The end of your world Adyashanti
    14. Emptiness dancing Adyashanti
    15. Practical insight meditation Mahasi Sayadaw
    16. Mastering the core teaching of the Buddha Daniel Ingram
    17. No death no fear TNH
    18. Tsongkhapa praise for dependent relativity
    19. Mindfulness in plain English Bhante G
    20. The supreme source CNN
    21. Grist for the mill Ram Dass
    22. How to realize emptiness Gen and Wallace Lamrimpa
    23. Emptiness Greg Goode
    24. Being time shinshu Roberts
    25. Realizing genjokoan by shohaku okumura
    26. The practise of Dzogchen Translated by tulku thondup
    27. Natural liberation Padmasambhava
    28. Finding rest in meditation/ nature of mind/ illusion by longchenpa - illusion is my fav
    29. Insight into emptiness Tegchok
    30. The other shore TNH (heart sutra commentary)
    31. Call me by my true names TNH’s poetry collection
    32. Mindfulness Joseph Goldstein - core Buddhist teachings like textbook
    33. Introduction to emptiness Guy Newland
    34. Under the bodhi tree and heart wood of the Bodhi tree Buddhadhasa Bikkhu
    35. The grand delusion Steve Hagen
    36. A path with heart Jack kornfield
    37. Bringing home the dharma Jack kornfield
    38. Food for the heart ajahn Chah
    39. The mind illuminated culadasa
    40. The power of now ET
    41. 洪文亮法师writings (link can be found on ATR blog)
    1. the sun of wisdom
    2. Jan westerhoff
    3. Nargajuna mark siderits
    4. The feast for the fortunate
    5. Nargajuna vigraharyavartani
    ATR related
    1) free ebook
    2) all the recommended post in the blog
    On the right panel
    3) thusness old forum posts back in circa 2005-2008
    4) all the transcripts - 4 of them I think
    Others (indirectly to dharma)
    1. the body keeps the score Bassel van der kolk (trauma)
    2. Drugs and alcohol book by prof David nutt
    3. Dopamine nation
    4. The noonday demon Andrew Solomon (an anatomy of depression)
    5. When breath becomes air Paul kalanithi
    6. Attached amir Levine (attachment theory for relationships)
    7. Dying to be me Anita moorjani
    8. Atomic habits James clear
    9. Tiny habits BJ fogg
    Awakening to Reality

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