Soh Wei Yu is feeling fantastic.

    Writing this sentence for the next arriving member: Welcome, 1000th atr member! And welcome to all the 999 before that, too.
    The speed this group grew within three years is faster than my expectation. I am grateful for all the participations and sharing by members here and happy to see many are waking up. It is a good sign that a group like AtR can attract many people — not because I want to gain followers (i am not a teacher) but because it means many people have an active interest in pursuing awakening and will in time awaken.
    I would just like to make a request though: if possible, post your questions in the group rather send me messages personally asking this and that. Normally i would be happy to answer but just imagine if only a few percent of the 1000 member atr group privately messages me to ask this and that, it will be totally overwhelming as that will mean dozens of people messaging me all the time. 5% of 1000 means 50, 3% means 30 people and so on. I do have a full time job and a busy life and therefore have stated that i am not a teacher and not capable of becoming a teacher with my current circumstances. I also often recommend people to find dharma teachers - see . Already, sometimes im unable to reply some people’s messages at all. It is too overwhelming.
    I do not have the level of wisdom like John Tan, and also many members by the dozens here have similar insights as me and are as fully capable or perhaps even more capable than me at answering questions and guiding. So i would love to see people posting in the group and more participation by those with insights so that all members can mutually benefit.
    Thanks. May all beings awaken to reality and be free 🙂
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  • Angelo Grr

  • Angelo Grr
    Hats off to Soh for his endless commitment to the Dharma and to helping people to end their suffering. Also his patience and willingness to continue dialogues even when there is massive resistance to the message. Great work, many have benefitted and many more will continue to benefit ☺️

  • Cheng Chen
    It’s been nice to watch this group grow over the past years!

  • Sam Roff
    So grateful to be part of this radically transformative community. Thank you Soh Wei Yu 🎉🎉

  • Tony Taylor
    Thank you Soh for all your hard work. I love this group. The help and clarity has been immense from You, Angelo ,Yin and several others

    Rosina Marie
    Tony Taylor on that note, thanks for the invite to here, atr and sister group ❤️

    Tony Taylor
    Rosina Marie Your very welcome

  • Yin Ling
    Need to throw a party or sthg
    Thanks Soh for this initiative. 🙂

  • Rosina Marie
    Thanks you Soh and team! 💗

  • Angelo Grr
    Still 999….

    Yin Ling
    Angelo Grr maybe we should re invite John tan hahaha

    William Lim
    Let's ALL send John Tan an invite!

  • Sundara Barine
    did someone leave just to spite us??

    Yin Ling
    Sundara Barine it’s always been 999.. we are waiting with bated breath lol

  • Sundara Barine
    Yin Ling it’s going to be Maitreya 🤞😄

  • Yin Ling
    Sundara Barine hahaaha that’s gonna be a gigantic shoe for the 1000th person to fit in 😝

  • Soh Wei Yu
    the 1000th member finally 😂
    Deepa Shah welcome!

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