Saw Frank Y story.
    Agree awakening is v physical for me. It’s not mental nor a thinking process. It literally is the Center of the body get hollowed out and the sense of self turns inside out. So I physically feel “world” and “all”. Not sure how others feel?

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    Daniel Lester
    Yes i like franks descriptions on dissolving solidity into, water, air, steam, ether nothingness. And how the specs of solidity were left in his head nearing the end of his 3rd path.
    Im always feeling contraction in my chest, and i guess this is a lot of solidity. My attention is always drawn there for most of the day. If i meditate there it feels like trapped emotions from childhood. There is a book called - The power of focussing - which ive been meaning to read. Based on emotional shadow work & body scanning.

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    Someone once asked Saraha: “If I am in the state of pristine awareness, is it okay to commit a negative action?”
    Saraha answered that question with another: “If you were in the state of pristine awareness, how could you commit a negative action?”
    ~ Ŧoƞpa Ɉoƞ

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