Faith in the Buddha dharma is a differnt kind of faith.
    It is not a faith believing in creation or a higher power, though the word faith is used similarly.
    It is when the perception of a person changed radically, beyond imagination to something they couldn’t have imagine before,
    When they directly perceive emptiness
    When the whole experience is translucent, and cannot be any other way..
    Yet they are not quite sure how can it be explained, it is just empty and translucent with vividness and aliveness.
    That the first person who mentioned and taught this is the Buddha..
    You can tell them any heavenly promise and their confidence cannot be swayed.
    IF they see 5 fingers you cannot convinced them they have 2.
    If they touch emptiness and bliss directly at all moments.. which is extremely radical beyond all experiences one could ever xp in life..
    You cannot tell them the Buddha is talking nonsense. You are just wasting time.
    That is faith in the Buddha dharma.
    It is the heart which is transformed.
    Beyond words, beyond language,
    Beyond religion.
    Which gives a practitioner strong confidence of the other teachings.
    They will rarely criticise, almost never.
    This is why insight is important.
    Keep one from transgression unnecessarily!


    Victor Wt Choo
    I tot u driving .... why u so free typing ? 🤣

    Yin Ling
    Victor Wt Choo waiting for my turn at counter lol

  • William Lim
    Erh... when u directly perceive emptiness, of course dun need faith mah.
    The time u need faith is when things are not in your perception - yet.

    Yin Ling
    William Lim that’s true too

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