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    This is a brilliant book on the view of dependent origination and emptiness by Tsongkhapa, scholar and practitioner extraordinaire

    I have read it a few times and still so good.

    It represents the most refined view of emptiness by the Gelug school.

    The language is clear and simple unlike some Tibetan books which requires paracetamol

    And Only 123 pages lol. Enjoy
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    Tony Taylor
    I was just looking for something like this. Thank Yin

    Yin Ling
    Tony Taylor hope you enjoy it

  • J.P. Hamilton
    I think anatta must make it possible to read a whole class of books that was previously unavailable. I imagine you reading like "Yep! This guy knows what's up" 😂

    Yin Ling
    J.P. Hamilton hahaha it does help!

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