Look at the crystal in my hand. Its sort of kaleidoscopic.. how you turn and look at it it always looks different. That's like a semblance of dependent origination and emptiness and the absence of characteristics of phenomena in action.

Because if phenomena are things with fixed characteristics instead of d.o and non-arisen then it couldn’t have been possible.

As John Tan put it, “Be in anatta and u must see how radically different is the music and the vivid scenery, how thought is different from sensations and smell...how is it possible if there is essence? Don't analyse, but "feel".”

Also by JT,

“All experiences, in addition, to being free from the sense of perciever and percieved, must also (be) light, natural and free.  Sensations r like floating river stream; colors and forms like rainbow...illusoriness is not nihilistic but magical and liberating.”

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